Sonalika ITL Unveils first ever 120 HP (6 Cylinder) tractor in India

Solis 120 HP tractor


  • Sonalika ITL is the only Indian company to manufacture 120 HP tractor on Indian Soil
  • Sonalika ITL has always been a pioneer from Indian Soil to develop path breaking technologies. The technologies that are successfully manufactured for both export & domestic markets are:
  • CRDi Tractors
  • Low HP category tractor (20-26 HP)
  • High HP category tractor (110 HP)
  • Narrow tractor range (60-90 HP)
  • Sonalika ITL becomes biggest tractor exporter in India by exporting more than 1500 tractors in July
  • Sonalika ITL has exported more than 4000 tractors in the first four months of this fiscal year and witnessed 24% growth during this tenure
  • Sonalika ITL is the only company in India, which exports tractors to quality centric 24 EU-Markets apart from being market leader in countries like Algeria, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar
  • Sonalika also has strong footprints across South & Latin American markets and has successfully ventured into the USA and further envisions to enter China.

Mr. Deepak Mittal in middle sitting on 120 Hp tractor, Mr. Raman Mittal on extreme Left with Mr. Rahul Mittal on right of deepak Mittal with Gaurav Saxena on extreme right

Sonalika ITL, one of the top 3 players in India, today unveiled ‘Solis 120’ a 120 HP tractor, under its international brand name ‘Solis’. Sonalika ITL is the first and only Indian company to indigenously develop & manufacture 120 HP tractors with the aim to strengthen and increase its presence in Indian and overseas market. Solis 120 is ergonomically designed to cater the need of its end user with international styling and built with 6 cylinder, turbo charged engine with 24+24 gear box ensuring 4500KG of huge lifting capacity.

Sonalika ITL has been a pioneer from India in introducing newer technologies like CRDi technology complying with the European and American emission norms. Under sub- compact range Solis 20 – Solis 26 tractors are a huge success in EU markets, narrow tractor range Solis 60 to Solis 90 is best suited for orchard and vineyard application. Sonalika ITL has also pioneered the introduction of higher HP tractors like 110- 120HP by providing ‘Sonalika 110’ to Global customers before any other company of Indian origin.

Sonalika ITL is the only Indian company to export to more than 24 European countries, making it the top Indian brand in Europe. The company takes pride in being the No.1 brand in Africa apart from being market leaders in countries like Algeria with around 60% market share, Nepal with 22%, Bangladesh with 20% etc. In the last 4 months, the company witnessed a growth of 24% with exports numbers surpassing 4000 tractors vis-à-vis a 3% decline in tractor industry exports. According to the TMA data, in the month of July Sonalika ITL became the leading exporter of tractors by shipping 1534 tractors as compared to 1256 tractors by TMTL, 1173 by John Deere, 1100 tractors by Mahindra, 720 tractors by New Holland and 82 tractors by Escorts.

Sonalika ITL exported more than 65000 tractors since its inception in International Market in 2012 and has assembly plants in several countries (Brazil, Argentina, Algeria, Iran, and Cameroon). For quality after sales service, Sonalika ITL has set up a centralized spare parts center in Czech Republic to facilitate dealer’s request from European and neighboring nations.

Commenting on the same, Mr. Deepak Mittal, M.D., Sonalika ITL said;Sonalika group, from past two decades, has always endeavored to empower the farmers by providing complete agricultural solution that will enhance their agricultural productivity. Sonalika ITL is one of the finest Indian tractor company which exports to 24 European markets and takes pride being market leaders in many countries. Through this 120 HP tractor, the company is focusing on commercial farmers, by providing an ease in doing arduous work.”

He added; “Over the time, Sonalika ITL has blended itself with diverse cultures of different countries and aligned their business verticals to suit customized needs. The products manufactured by us epitomize perfection and are able to win the confidence of customers across the globe. Our tractors bear testimony to great performance, unmatched quality and high reliability in the market because of their enhanced pulling power, minimal fuel consumption, and highest back up torque, heavy duty components and low emission levels. Going forward, in next five years as part of our growth strategy, we are aiming to gain a respectable market share in China and USA, the second largest and third largest tractor markets respectively.”

Sonalika ITL, since its inception in 1996, has come a long way in marking its presence amongst top 3 players in India and also being market leader in many countries. Sonalika ITL has an integrated tractor manufacturing plant which provide complete agricultural solution to cater to the need of global & domestic markets while matching international quality standards. This truly signifies the ‘Make In India’ vision of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. 

About Sonalika International Tractors Ltd:

Sonalika International Tractors Ltd. is the country’s full range of tractors manufacturing company which produces technologically superior tractors in a range of 20HP to 120HP. Today, Sonalika ITL stands as 3rd largest tractor maker in India and is recognized in both domestic as well as international markets as a formidable player. The company has earned the trust of over 6,00,000 customers globally across more than 80 Countries within a short span of 2 decades; which makes it one of the fastest growing tractor players in the industry.

To fulfill the increasing demand of tractors globally, Sonalika ITL boasts of Sonalika World Plant, a state-of-the-art integrated tractor manufacturing plant, strategically located in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. This plant has a capacity to manufacture more than 150,000 tractors annually.