Shell Rimula launches “Real Destination” Campaign to support truckers and famers across the country, helps them fulfil their real destinations in life through more saving


Partners with them to showcase and celebrate their life’s real destination stories

Reaching out to its consumers to acknowledge and fulfil their dreams and aspirations, Shell Lubricants, the global market share leader in finished lubricants announced the launch of its “Real Destination” campaign. The consumer led initiative from its ‘Rimula’ range of lubricants, aims at partnering with all users of Rimula – truckers, fleet managers, mechanics, farmers and small commercial vehicle (SCV) owners to bring happiness in their lives, by helping them achieve their real destinations in life.

Celebrating the dreams and desires of their consumers and Shell’s role in making their lives easier by helping them save more, the campaign tagline of “Manzil aapki, saath humara”, highlights the bond Shell shares with them. The campaign is based on the insight and benefits Rimula products bring to the journey & destination of Shell’s consumers. Realizing that consumers for Shell Rimula depend solely on their trucks and tractors for their livelihood, Shell’s heavy duty oils have been designed to improve performance of their engines because Shell understands that less downtime on the roads or in the fields and more savings, means more quality time for them with their families.

To showcase the personal connect that the consumers share with the brand, Shell is inviting stories of real destinations in the lives of truckers, farmers and how they are striving to reach them. The consumers can call at 18001026073 to share their real destinations with the brand. Shell shall shortlist and reward the top stories from each region and air selected stories on radio. The winners shall be awarded a year’s supply of Shell Rimula R4 and the national winner from the initiative shall be awarded a year’s supply of Shell Rimula R4 and a cash award of Rs. 50,000.

Apart from inviting its treasured consumers to share their stories, Shell is also creating awareness about the importance of health in their lives. As part of this initiative, health check-up camps across India for truckers in transport nagars have been set up by Shell. For the difficult life truckers spend on the road, through this initiative, Shell hopes to contribute to keeping them in the best of their health. For farmers, the brand has organized special Agri Pathshalas to equip farmers with the best practices of farming and internet know-how and serve in improving their output.  As a collaboration, Shell has also developed a special film, narrating the touching story of an Indian trucker and his aspirations. Dhirender Singh, a trucker from Ghaziabad, who features in the film said “I’ve been working as a truck driver for 16 years now. My truck is the most important thing in my life as it lets me take care of my family. I want other people to know what our life on the road is like, why we work so hard and how Shell Rimula helps me in reaching my real destination – my daughter’s wedding.”  (Watch film here)

Speaking about the campaign, Ms. Mansi Tripathy, Chief Marketing Officer, Shell Lubricants India said, “At Shell Lubricants, we understand the needs and aspirations of our valuable consumers.  Launching the ‘Real Destinations’ campaign is our attempt to celebrate the hard work of truckers and farmers in the country. It is the pursuit of our consumers’ dreams that drives us every day to make products that can help them save more and therefore be a partner in their journey to achieve their real destination that more quickly. We hope our consumers continue to trust us and we shall continue to deliver greater value to their lives”

Accompanying the brand’s revised positioning and messaging, Shell has also redesigned its Rimula product packaging, in direct response to its customer needs. The changes are aimed towards making the purchasing process easier for customers and increase the brand’s distinction in a cluttered marketplace. The latest designs are now easier to read, easier to understand, and therefore easier to use. The new design also looks at delivering practical solutions such as greater stability while stacking, reduced chances of spillage and product damage.

Some of the prominent products in the heavy duty engine oil range include Shell Rimula T5E 10 W 40 where there is a fuel saving of up to 3% or upto INR 40,000* annually. Shell Rimula R4 reduces engine wear upto 61%*, aiding in savings and getting the vehicle owner closer to his real destination.