Shell Advance Celebrates Riders’ Passion For Wanderlust Under Their #Whateveryourride Campaign

Shell Advance honours all bikers through their #WhateverYourRide campaign and supports their dream to follow their passion because every ride matters 

National, July 28, 2017: Riding is a form of many expressions for different people. To celebrate the enduring spirit of bikers who follow their dream and ride on, Shell Lubricants, global market share leader in finished lubricants, launched the #WhateverYourRide campaign in India to celebrate riders’ passion in following their hearts whatever their ride may be.

The campaign seeks to acknowledge fearless riders who dare to conquer everything – from raging desserts and misty valleys to stifling city traffic. For motorcycle riders across India, Shell Advance aims to deliver unmatched value meeting every need that a biker looks at and has captured its essence in the form of a video.

The video shot in Ladakh, was inspired from the insights Shell gained in their conversations with riders wherein they mentioned that given a chance, every rider would drop everything to ride to his dream destination.  This insight is the essence of the campaign #WhateverYourRide in which a 70-year-old biker goes on a trip of self-discovery that he has been delaying his entire life and focusses on the feelings of liberation and fulfillment he experiences during the ride. The theme of the campaign is that Shell Advance champions the spirit of listening to your inner voice and supports the fact that it is never too late to reach out for what you love regardless of your circumstances. The campaign is available on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for watching, sharing and reviewing.

Ms. Mansi Tripathy, Country Head, Shell Lubricants, India, said, “For a campaign of this nature, it is essential to understand the mindset of a biker. We need to know what drives them and what satisfies them. At Shell, we have developed a certain understanding about the needs of our consumers and aim to ensure complete customer satisfaction through our products and services. Through the campaign #WhateverYourRide we want to celebrate the passion and drive of riders across India. We also want to highlight Shell’s focus in providing powerful and exhilarating riding experiences to all bikers.”

Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils with PurePlus Technology, which converts pure natural gas into clear base oil devoid of any crude oil impurities, are dedicated bike oils with excellent performance characteristics achieved by carefully blending quality base oils and applying Shell’s formulation know-how. Bike oils work much harder in comparison with car oil. Most 4-stroke bike engines contain less oil than car engines, and that oil not only has to perform in the engine, but also must survive the high stresses of the gearbox and allow smooth clutch operation. Shell Advance’s PurePlus technology helps vehicles meet these requirements and so that bikers can enjoy their rides.

Speaking on what Shell Advance will be adding to the lives of its customers, Mr. Neeraj Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer, Shell Lubricants, India, said, “Shell Lubricants has always strived to add value to the overall consumer experience. As we understand that every ride matters, we intend to keep our promise of ensuring that every ride is indeed the best ride for our customers. Our products help to keep engines cleaner and prolong their lives. They have an advantage over others in terms of reducing noise and vibration. Shell Advance supplements the feeling of courage of the biker taking on any ride. It is technically designed to support and enhance the functioning of the most integral part of a vehicle, the engine. It aims at minimalizing frictional losses, align with easy wear and tear of the engine. Engineered to provide a memorable riding experience, Shell advance is the perfect partner for motorcycles”.