Ishaan wins an action-packed first race of the day; Niranjan Todkari clinches his first victory of the season in the second race

Ishaan Dodhiwala (centre) won the Race 4 of Vento Cup 2016 while guest d...

  • Tense first race of the day saw many clashes throughout the grid
  • Ishaan gets stronger in the standings with a win in the morning and a podium in the second

The second race of the MMSC Volkswagen Vento Cup 2016 Round 2 started under extremely hot conditions. With air temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius and temperatures inside the car going well above 50 degrees, it was not an easy day to race. Yet, the second race of the weekend saw a lot of nerve-racking driving from all the racers on the grid.

Starting on pole position was Chinese guest driver Li Huiwei followed by compatriot He XiXi in second. Title favourites Ishaan Dodhiwala and Karminder Pal Singh started in third and sixth positions respectively. Between them was guest driver Sirish Chandran in fourth and Aditya Pawar in fifth position. As the lights went off, Li Huiwei took a hole-shot and drove hard to build a strong lead ahead of the other drivers.  He Xixi stayed behind and defended his position for three laps before Ishaan overtook him to get into the battle for victory. By then, Li Huwei had built a lead of more than four seconds over Ishaan. Ishaan was persistent and kept giving his best. As both of them entered the last lap, there was 0.6 seconds gap between them. Li Huwei made a small mistake in the first section of the circuit and that allowed Ishaan to take the lead which he then carried to the chequered flag.

Guest driver Sirish Chandran drove an excellent race to clinch podium in...

Behind the top two was a five-way battle for the third position between guest driver He Xixi, Aditya Pawar, guest driver Sirish Chandran, Karminder Pal Singh and Keith Desouza. Aditya Pawar and He Xixi got involved in a collision which put both of them out of the battle. Sirish Chandran put up a great fight and emerged third, ahead of the seasoned drivers – Karminder and Keith.

After winning the second race of the season, Ishaan Dodhiwala said “It was a very difficult race today. Getting past He Xixi wasn’t easy. Once that was done, my target was to get to Li Huwei. I did close up to him by the last lap and the small mistake that he made gave me the chance to get past. For sure, this one was the toughest race of the season so far.”

Ishaan Dodhiwala won a stunning Race 4 of Vento Cup 2016 ahead of Chines...

Guest driver Sirish Chandran, commented after finishing third, “The conditions were really difficult today. The temperatures were really high and retaining concentration till the end was definitely very tough.” Talking about the finish, he said, “All the drivers were pushing hard and the competition was really high. I am used to rallying where you are up against the clock, the conditions around you and the rally stage. Here, you are up against 20 other drivers who are driving as hard as you are and that’s the tough part. It was great to have finished on the podium in the end after putting in all those efforts.”

The last race of the weekend turned out to be the cleanest one. Niranjan Todkari took a solid victory by going from pole position to chequered flag without losing his lead throughout the race. This was the first win for Niranjan in the 2016 season and with this the Vento Cup 2016 has already seen four different winners in five races so far. Following him were Keith Desouza and Ishaan Dodhiwala who also retained their second and third spot on the grid all the way to the finish line.

Volkswagen Vento Cup 2016 – Round 2 Race 4 results:

Sr. No. Car Number Name Best Lap Total Time
1 8 Ishaan Dodhiwala 02:01.202 21:39.143
2 15 Li Huiwei 02:02.090 21:41.899
3 22 Sirish Chandran 02:02.364 21:52.109
4 16 Karminder Singh 02:03.289 21:53.841
5 11 Keith Desouza 02:03.204 21:57.235
6 2 Karthikeye Singhee 02:05.113 22:23.358
7 5 Jeet Jhabakh 02:04.023 22:29.776
8 6 Hatim Shabbir 02:05.722 22:42.851
9 17 Arunshowry Vallabhaneni 02:07.142 22:52.767
10 10 Arfath Mohammad 02:10.212 23:04.442
11 9 Sree Venkata Teja 02:09.764 23:05.529
12 1 Rashad Khan 02:08.011 23:06.400
13 20 Pradeep Rao 02:08.296 23:15.087
14 18 Niranjan Todkari 02:04.196 21:43.957
15 19 Abhishek Vakil 02:13.073 DNF
16 7 Aditya Pawar 02:04.272 DNF
17 21 He Xi Xi 02:02.956 DNF
18 3 Amit Mete 02:46.663 DNF
19 12 Gowdham  Murugan DNF


Volkswagen Vento Cup 2016 – Round 2 Race 5 results:

Sr. No. Car Number Name Best Lap Total Time
1 18 Niranjan Todkari 01:59.929 17:05.060
2 11 Keith Desouza 01:59.850 17:05.816
3 8 Ishaan Dodhiwala 01:59.918 17:14.866
4 22 Sirish Chandran 02:00.691 17:17.697
5 15 Li Huiwei 02:00.442 17:22.533
6 7 Aditya Pawar 02:01.283 17:26.461
7 16 Karminder Singh 02:00.608 17:29.947
8 21 He xi xi 02:01.453 17:34.695
9 5 Jeet Jhabakh 02:03.356 17:43.728
10 2 Karthikeye Singhee 02:02.275 17:50.436
11 17 Arunshowry Vallabhaneni 02:04.623 18:15.382
12 10 Arfath Mohammad 02:05.586 18:15.610
13 6 Hatim Shabbir 02:04.789 18:16.172
14 9 Sree Venkata Teja 02:07.358 18:23.305
15 12 Gowdham Murugan 02:06.231 18:28.797
16 1 Rashad Khan 02:06.393 18:30.044
17 3 Amit Mete 02:07.336 17:22.338
18 20 Pradeep Rao 02:04.185 DNF

Niranjan Todkari leading Race 5 of Vento Cup 2016 ahead of Keith Desouza...

About Volkswagen Motorsport India: Taking ahead 50 years of enriching global motorsport legacy of Volkswagen, Volkswagen Motorsport India commenced operations with the Polo Cup India in 2010. The series started off with a first- ever iconic race being held at Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex at Balewadi in Pune, the hometown of Volkswagen in India. The vast global expertise, coupled with rich dynamic history of the Group has enabled Volkswagen Motorsport India to progress swiftly and become the best one make series in a short span of time. The Volkswagen Polo R Cup enhanced awareness as well as underlined the technological advancement of Volkswagen in India. In 2015, Volkswagen Motorsport India shifted to Vento Cup and continued to provide a vital platform for the talented young racers to demonstrate their capabilities nationally and internationally by nurturing them. In the one-make series, all participating cars are technically identical with the same performance making it possible for only the most skilled drivers to leave an impact. Successes in Indian Rallying: Under the Customer Sport Initiative, Volkswagen Motorsport India started providing teams and individuals running Volkswagen Polo rally cars in the Indian Rally Championship (IRC) with technical assistance and spares from 2013. The Volkswagen Polo won the 2013 and 2014 season in the 1600-cc class.