Ishaan Dodhiwala scores perfect day with two wins; Extends his lead in the MMSC Volkswagen Vento Cup 2016 title battle

Vento Cup 2016 Race 8 podium - (L-R) Karminder Pal Singh (2nd), Ishaan Dodhiwala (1st) and Niranjan Todkari (3rd)

  • With three podium finishes including two victories, Ishaan gets one more step closer to the Vento Cup 2016 title
  • Karminder Pal Singh and Keith Desouza post competitive results to stay in the challenge

The second day of MMSC Volkswagen Vento Cup 2016 kicked off with an action packed race. Starting with reverse order, it was Pradeep Rao on pole position, who took off with a perfect start. However, at the second corner on the first lap itself, Aditya Pawar was forced off the track on to the grass causing an incident. Immediately after, at the third corner, Keith Desouza got involved in another incident that pushed him all the way back. While all this was happening, it was Dhruv Behl climibing up a position into second place and Ishaan Dodhiwala lining up behind him after having started seventh on the grid. The Safety Car was brought in on the first lap itself due to the incidents at C2 and C3 and it stayed out till the end of lap three. Racing restarted at full pace at the end of third lap.

Vento Cup 2016 Race 7 podium finishers - (L-R) Niranjan Todkari (3rd), Ishaan Dodhiwala (1st) and Dhruv Behl (2nd)

Staying in lead for the next four laps was Pradeep followed by Dhruv, Ishaan and Niranjan in second, third and fourth. On lap eight, guest driver Raunak Ajinkya went off in the last sector of the track and hit the tyre wall on the bridge. With the car standing across the track right on the racing line, red flag was shown and the drivers had to regroup on the grid for a race restart. Once the track was cleared, the race restarted for three laps. Pradeep went off the track a bit on the second corner and that is when Ishaan made his most important move to take lead in race. Dhruv stayed in second position and Niranjan came up in third. All three crossed the chequered flag in the same position. Karminder Pal Singh battling for crucial points, fought back from all the way from ninth to come up to fourth and missed the podium by a whisker.

Ishaan Dodhiwala leads from Karminder Pal Singh

The second race of the day was a much cleaner as compared to the one in the morning. Ishaan started from pole position and drove a flawless race to take the chequered flag ahead of all other competitors. Behind him was a fight between Keith and Karminder, who started second and third respectively. Karminder had a better start as the lights went off and he managed to overtake Keith on the first corner of the first lap itself. Keith tried to challenge Karminder on the fourth lap between C2 and C3, but eventually ran wide while outbreaking and gave back the second position to Karminder. From there on, it was Karmidner who held on to the second position all the way till the end. Further, on the seventh lap, Keith made a mistake at the last corner, ran wide and allowed Niranjan to pass. Keith finally settled in forth position followed by guest driver Dhruv Behl in fifth.

MMSC Volkswagen Vento Cup Round 3 Race 7

Sr. No. Car Number Name Total Time
1 8 Ishaan Dodhiwala 20:13.197
2 15 Dhruv Behl 20:15.171
3 18 Niranjan Todkari 20:17.447
4 16 Karmindar Pal Singh 20:29.767
5 11 Keith Desouza 20:31.123
6 5 Jeet Jhabakh 20:33.569
7 3 Amit Mete 20:35.016
8 12 Gowdham Murugan 20:38.100
9 20 Pradeep Rao 20:43.793
10 10 Arfath Mohammad 20:52.169
11 17 Arunshowry Valla 20:56.139
12 9 Sree Venkata Teja 20:59.771
13 22 Debabrata Sarkar 21:14.904
14 1 Rashad Khan 21:27.693
15 6 Hatim Shabbir 19:17.689
16 21 Raunak Ajinkya 14:21.278
17 7 Aditya Vijay Pawar 00:04.068

MMSC Volkswagen Vento Cup Round 3 Race 8

Sr. No. Car Number Name Total Time
1 8 Ishaan Dodhiwala 19:44.856
2 16 Karminder Singh 19:46.918
3 18 Niranjan Todkari 19:50.640
4 11 Keith Desouza 19:52.635
5 15 Dhruv Behl 19:53.824
6 7 Aditya Pawar 19:56.498
7 3 Amit Mete 20:08.185
8 20 Pradeep Rao 20:08.514
9 12 Gowdham Murugan 20:09.532
10 6 Hatim Shabbir 20:23.254
11 17 Arunshowry Vallabhaneni 20:27.245
12 1 Rashad Khan 20:28.463
13 22 Debabrata Sarkar 20:43.694
14 10 Arfath Mohammed 20:44.771
15 9 Sree Venkata Teja