More Than A Promise – CHEVROLET’s Complete Care


Have you ever written to the CEO of a company? Not to complain, but to thank them? Well, Mr. Rajesh Lal did. He sent an email praising an extraordinary service he received – and he was not even a Chevrolet customer! He had been driving his wife and children home on a hot day, when he had to pull over with a mechanical problem. He called his dealership, but it did not go through. With the sun beating down, he was close to despair…All seemed lost, when a man in a passing car stopped and asked if he could help.

Seeing the obvious discomfort of the Lal family, he then did the most extraordinary thing – he lent his own car to the stranded family. He was a service centre instructor at Chevrolet. Off-duty, but a considerate fellow. He quickly assessed the situation, and together they called the dealership one more time. This time the phone was answered, and to spare further discomfort to the family, he offered to wait for the recovery team, while Mr. Lal drove them home in the Chevrolet. Later, Mr. Lal drove back to his dealership, and swapped cars again. Needless to say, he was one very satisfied person, if not yet a Chevrolet customer.

The new communication for Chevrolet Complete Care is in continuity with the complete care programme launched last year. The campaign is aimed at creating confidence in the customer through “real world stories” which provide ongoing support to establish Chevrolets’ dependability and speaks volume on how Chevrolet has delivered “More than a promise” through excellent service behaviour. All the customer stories are a valid proof of how Chevrolet is consistently satisfying and making vehicle ownership experience truly valuable for all new and existing customers.

The global initiative is designed to demonstrate the Chevrolet brand’s commitment to reliability, quality and value for money; re-affirming General Motors’ long-term commitment to the Indian consumers.

“We at Chevrolet have been making sensible efforts towards better customer engagement and show ‘We Care’ in everything we do. We believe in creating an emotional bond with people and encourage our people to go above and beyond with each opportunity to service our customers to ensure we earn a customer for a lifetime”, said Jack Uppal, VP Marketing and Customer Care, General Motors.

He further added, “At Chevrolet, we believe having good intentions is not good enough. When you make a promise, you not only give your word, you create a ‘bond’, and that’s what we believe in.”

Chevrolet has also developed digital applications such as the Chevrolet Service Estimator Online tool available on the Chevrolet India website, which helps calculate periodic service costs, and the My Chevrolet India mobile application, which helps locate & contact the nearest authorized Chevrolet service station. All these packages further improve the overall ownership experience of Chevrolet vehicles under the Chevrolet Complete Care program.