Mahindra Reva announces “Festival of Goodness” lucky draw for e2o buyers

Bengaluru, December 24, 2015: Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., a part of the USD 16.9 billion Mahindra Group, today announced a lucky draw that will be conducted on December 30, 2015. All  bonafide buyers of Mahindra e2o under the ‘Festival of Goodness’ promotion, held between October 3 and November 15, 2015 will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw and the winner will win a trip for two to Singapore.

As a part of the ‘Festival of Goodness’ promotion, each prospect who took the test drive of the Mahindra e2o in the given period was eligible for a scratch card through which they could claim the assured gift once they bought the car within the promotion period. Furthermore, all these customers who bought the e2o through the ‘Festival of Goodness’ promotion, were eligible to enter into the lucky draw for the bumper prize. The lucky draw will be held in Bengaluru on December 30, 2015, between 11:00AM to 12:30PM and will be conducted in the presence of an external agency appointed by Mahindra Reva. The venue for this is Hotel Monarch, Brigade Road, Bangalore.

The ‘Festival of Goodness’ entailed that the prospects who Test Drove the e2o under the promotion period would be eligible for the assured gifts through scratch cards. In addition to this, in order to enter the lucky draw contest, the customer had to fill up lucky draw form with the necessary details including a small write-up on ‘How Mahindra e2o is Driven by Goodness’. The other assured gifts includes e-vouchers for iPhone worth Rs. 60,000 each (8 winners), LED TVs Rs. 50,000 each (4 winners), 22kt Gold Coin Rs. 13,500 each (8 winners), Rs. 4,900 each (8 winners) and Rs. 1,000 each (72 winners). The offer was valid for the first 100 cars sold under the promotion scheme and the gifts can only be claimed post purchase of the e2o during the promotion period.

The promotion was not open to Mahindra employees and employees of suppliers/agencies/participating partners/business associates of the Mahindra Group and their relatives.

About Mahindra Reva

Mahindra Reva is a pioneer of electric vehicle (EV) technologies and one of the world’s most experienced EV manufacturers. Founded in 1994 as the Reva Electric Car Company, the company was a joint venture between the Maini Group of Bangalore and AEV LLC of USA. Since then, the company has remained focused on creating affordable electric cars through advanced technology. It launched its first model in India in 2001 and in London in 2004.

In May 2010, the USD 16.9 billion, Mahindra Group acquired a majority stake in the company, which was then renamed Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd. Mahindra Reva is headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

Mahindra Reva exemplifies the Mahindra Group’s vision of the Future of Mobility. The Future of Mobility envisions an automotive ecosystem that brings Clean, Convenient, Connected, Clever and Cost-effective (the 5 C’s) mobility solutions to customers across the world. Customers in 24 countries have driven their Reva and Mahindra e2o fuel-free, for more than 200 million kilometres. The company manufactures cars, licenses out its electric vehicle technologies, electrifies existing platforms, and helps to deliver integrated zero-emissions mobility solutions. The company’s factory in Bengaluru is the first automobile plant to receive a platinum rating from the Indian Green Building Council. Inaugurated on August 22nd 2012, it can produce 30000 cars each year.

Mahindra Reva was ranked 22nd in the prestigious ‘Fast Company’ magazine listing of the Top 50 Most Innovative Global Companies of 2013, in addition to numerous awards and recognition. The company also won the ‘Innovation’ award from respected Italian magazine- Focus, during March 2013. It is one of the only three global companies to have received this award for the development of the ‘Mahindra e2o’ and its environment friendly plant at Bengaluru.