Mahindra launches the all new e2o ElectriCity Car in the UK

Mahindra launches the all new e2o ElectriCity Car in the UK

  • Two versions of the e2o available: e2o City £12,995 and e2o TechX £15,995
  • Features include rapid charging, telematics, smartphone app, touchscreen infotainment centre and Revive remote emergency recharging
  • Car now available for purchase at for deliveries starting May 2016

Mahindra, a global automotive and technology company headquartered in India, made its eagerly-anticipated entry into the UK automotive market today with the launch of the innovative e2o electric city car. At an event at London’s Design Museum, Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra unveiled its pricing and specifications.

Designed specifically for easy urban commuting, and featuring a host of connected technologies, the Mahindra e2o will be available in two trim levels. The entry-level e2o City is priced at £12,995, while the higher-spec TechX version retails at £15,995 and includes a touchscreen infotainment centre with reversing camera, telematics, Revive remote emergency recharging, leather seats, alloy wheels and a rapid charging port.

In addition to its competitive purchase price, e2o owners that drive the UK average of 7,900 miles per year, and who charge at home at night on an Economy 7 tariff, will pay under £10 per month1 on fuel, while also eliminating the release of airborne pollutants within their city environment.

Speaking about the e2o’s arrival on British roads, Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group said, “I am very proud to announce that the e2o is now available in the UK and this marks a true milestone for the Mahindra Group. I invite people to come and test drive the Mahindra e2oElectriCity Car’ and help drive a positive change to the air quality in their cities. Sustainability is at the heart of Mahindra’s business practices and with the introduction of the e2o to the UK market, we are offering a product that perfectly encapsulates our corporate philosophy.”

Pravin Shah, President & Chief Executive of Mahindra’s Automotive operations believes that the e2o is the right car at the right time for the UK market and according to him, “There has never been a better time for people to make the change to electric, and with the e2o there has never been an easier or more affordable way to make this transition. The e2o is an innovative combination of advancements in automotive, electronics and information technology paired with minimal running costs and zero tailpipe emissions. This makes it the ideal urban runabout or second car for the two-and-a-half-million UK households that can charge the car at home in a driveway or garage.”

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson MP is enthusiastic about the e2o being launched in London, saying: “I want to congratulate Mahindra on the launch of their new electric car today. Supporting ultra-low emission vehicles has been a priority at City Hall as they can boost air quality, help tackle climate change and reduce fuel costs and I look forward to seeing e2os on London’s streets.” At the core of the e2o is a collection of connected features that were developed to make the car both easier and more enjoyable to drive and maintain:

e2o Remote™ smartphone app – allows users to remotely control key functions of their e2o including the ability to pre-heat/cool the car, start and stop charging, route plan and search for nearby charging stations.

Remote Charging Scheduler™ – a clever app that allows users to schedule charging of their e2o at a time when electricity costs are at their cheapest rate

Revive™ – remote emergency charging feature to grant the driver up to 8 miles worth of range if the battery is depleted.

Telematics – on-board sensors send a data ‘heartbeat’ to Mahindra enabling remote health monitoring and customer alerts.

Blaupunkt touchscreen infotainment centre (TechX model only) – Satellite navigation with ‘range remaining’ maps featuring charge point locations. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot connection, USB, SD card, DAB radio and a built-in reversing camera.

The e2o’s tall-boy design offers superior visibility for a compact city car and comfortably seats four adults.  It is equipped with dual SRS airbags, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and a Regenerative Braking System (RBS) that harnesses energy during braking to extend the car’s range while travelling.

Customers can now book test drives online in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Milton Keynes, with additional test drive cities to be announced later. The Mahindra UK website is now live and ready to take orders, with first deliveries to UK owners commencing in May this year.

1 For owners that drive the UK average of 7,900 miles per year (Source RAC Mobility Study 2014) and who charge at home at night on an Economy 7 tariff.

About Mahindra International UK

Mahindra is committed to improving air quality in UK cities by making zero-emission electric cars accessible to all urban motorists.

By selling directly to customers online, rather than via expensive dealer showrooms, the Mahindra e2o closes the price gap between diesel and electric cars.  By optimising vehicle weight and performance for city usage, the e2o slashes fuel costs to under £10 per month for e2o owners that charge at home at night and drive the national average of 7,900 miles per year.

The Mahindra e2o is The ElectriCity Car. A compact, three-door hatchback that seats four adults and incorporates the latest connected car technologies to improve the city driving and ownership experience. Features include a Remote™ smartphone app, touchscreen infotainment centre, rapid charging, telematics, and Mahindra’s unique Revive™ remote emergency refuelling system.