Karthick Maruthi wins the Maruti Suzuki National Super League Championship 2016

  • 6th & final round of the championship concluded with Rally of Himachal
  • Maruti Suzuki National Super League Championship 2016 wins VitaraBrezza

Shimla, January 22, 2016: The 6th and final round of the Maruti Suzuki National Super League Championship concluded with the much awaited ‘Rally of Himachal’ in Shimla. Braving the biting cold and steep winding snow covered roads, Karthick Maruthi driving Vitara Brezza won the much coveted Maruti Suzuki National Super League Championship 2016. Sachin Singh also driving Vitara Brezza and Jagmeet Gill driving Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, won the second and third place respectively, with M.Musthafa being declared as the best navigator of the championship.

The Maruti Suzuki National Super League Championship, introduced to encourage rallying among the amateur motorsports enthusiasts,consisted of 6 TSD format rallies. The TSD rallies gave the rallyists a chance to chase their passion in one of the most epic rallying experiences, running across length and breadth of the country. Spread across the year, Maruti rally began from lush hills of Uttarakhand, revving its way to Goa in the Deccan Rally, creating ripples of enthusiasm in the most scenic Backwaters Rally, exploring some of the most pristine and unexplored landscapes in Mughal Rally, making its way to the land of rising Sun in the Rally of Arunachal and finally bringing the rally home in the silver snow covered mountains of Shimla in Rally of Himachal.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Vinay Pant, AVP Marketing, Maruti Suzuki said, “Maruti Suzuki has always pioneered in the field of Motorsports through the most sought after rallies in the country with Raid de Himalaya, Desert Storm and Dakshin Dare. But we realized that there is a vast untapped potential to expand the motorsports culture in India through TSD rallies as it gave the amateur rallying enthusiasts an opportunity to participate and hone their skills. TSD rallies are the safest form of rallying and does not require any modification or customization in the cars. As a result we saw constant increase in participation. It’sespecially encouraging to see more and more women participate in each rally. My heartiest congratulations to Karthick Maruthias he takes the Vitara Brezza home.”

Extremely excited after winning the Maruti Suzuki National Super League Championship 2016 and Vitara Brezza, Karthick Maruthi said, “It has been an exciting year of rallying and sure I was putting my best efforts to win the championship. The win would not have been possible without the perfect combination of the driver, navigator and the car. I am extremely excited and cannot wait to come back for the next rally.”

The Maruti Suzuki National Super League Championship 2016 is open to all four-wheeler makers. There is no need for any customization in cars to participate in the championship.  The Rally follows Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) format which is a highly recommended rallying format that tests the skills of driver and the navigator.

Maruti Suzuki National Super League Championship 2016 calendar –

  1. Uttarakhand Rally – Dehradun
  2. Deccan Rally – Pune – Goa
  3. Backwaters Rally – Ooty – Kochi
  4. Mughal Rally – Jammu
  5. Rally of Arunachal – Arunachal Pradesh
  6. Rally of Himachal – Panchkula – Shimla

Maruti Suzuki & Motorsports: Maruti Suzuki has been actively promoting safe motorsports in the country for over 15 years now. To popularize action sport, the Maruti Suzuki motorsport calendar is packed with exciting motoring events. Be it for a motorsport enthusiast, an amateur or a professional, there are events that offer the thrill and joy of motorsport to one and all. The annual calendar of events includes cross country rallies including Maruti Suzuki Raid-De-Himalaya, Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm and Maruti Suzuki Dakshin Dare. Recently Maruti Suzuki has added the National Super League TSD Rally Championship and Maruti Suzuki Autocross championship to its motorsport calendar making it even more exciting. These events provide rallying thrills as well as promote safe driving habits. To ensure safety of the participants the rally is conducted professionally in supervision of top class marshals.