Audi kick starts its 2016 season of Audi Mobile Terminal Tour

Audi Mobile Terminus

Audi Mobile Terminal to visit 20 cities over next six months

• Designed as a fully functional mobile showroom, provides a complete Audi experience to customers
• Equipped with a car on display, Audi Accessories and an Audi Lounge
• Introduced last year, the concept gained immense popularity. Over 1200 customers visited the Audi Mobile Terminal in 2015
• First Audi Mobile Terminal to be showcased in Siliguri from June 24th to June 26th, 2016, followed by Patna and Jamshedpur

Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer, has announced the roll-out of the Audi Mobile Terminal tour in 20 cities for the 2016 season. Introduced last year as a customer-focused initiative, the Audi Mobile Terminal based on the Audi Terminal concept, is a fully functional mobile showroom designed to provide a full Audi experience to customers – whether in a metropolis or a smaller city. Beginning with its 2016 season, the Audi Mobile Terminal will be first showcased in Siliguri from the 24th of June to the 26th of June 2016, followed by Patna and Jamshedpur.

“Creating better accessibility to the brand by increasing geographical penetration is one of the core pillars of our strategy and the Audi Mobile Terminal is a unique way of bringing the showroom at the customer’s doorstep. We have already established ourselves as the luxury choice for young achievers, with our progressive design, advanced engineering and innovative customer engagement approach. Taking this a step higher, we had introduced Audi Mobile Terminal last year and received a fantastic response. This year we will bring the showroom right to the customer’s doorstep across 20 cities starting from Siliguri. North-East India is a focus area for us and we are looking forward to welcome new members to the Audi family from the region” said Mr. Joe King, Head, Audi India.

Complete with car on display, Audi Exclusive Elements and an Audi Lounge, the Mobile Terminal takes the brand to the doorstep of the Audi customer, while showcasing Audi brand values experientially. Besides displaying the cars and Audi accessories, the Mobile Terminal concept serves as a hub for conducting test drives and enables customers and prospects to connect with Audi dealers for enquiries, new bookings and after sales support, in the comfort of the Audi Lounge.

Convenient to set-up and easily movable across locations, the Audi Mobile Terminal will be showcased to customers over two days in each targeted city in association with Audi dealer partners. The Audi Mobile Terminal is slated to visit more than 20 cities over the next 6 months and will target over 5000 customers across India. Over 1200 customers visited the Audi Mobile Terminal in 2015.