World Water Day: ŠKODA campaigns for sustainable water management

Voda, proud vody.—Water, stream.

› ŠKODA’s water consumption has reduced to 2010 levels; during this period, production increased by 25 per cent
› 40 per cent of ŠKODA’s total water consumption is recycled
› ŠKODA is preparing further expansion of the most up-to-date technology for sustainable production
› ‘GreenFuture’ strategy combines the brand’s environmental protection activities and objectives

Mladá Boleslav, 22 March 2017 – ŠKODA has been involved in sustainable production for many years and is pressing ahead with numerous projects to conserve natural resources as part of its ‘GreenFuture’ strategy. These include saving as much water as possible. To mark World Water Day, which is being promoted today by the United Nations on the topic of ‘wastewater’, the Czech car manufacturer is introducing several initiatives.

Water is essential component in vehicle production where is used during washing and filtering processes as well as in numerous cooling systems. ŠKODA has been developing innovative technologies and concepts for sustainable water management for many years.

During vehicle production, the manufacturer uses special measures which prevent disproportionate increases in water usage and warn of possible leaks and unusual flows. In the paint shops, modern filtration systems recycle wastewater and recirculate it. In the future, a more sophisticated purification system that uses particularly thin membrane filters is expected to reduce the requirement for fresh water further still. ŠKODA intends to save an additional 60,000 cubic metres of water, which corresponds to four per cent of the entire annual consumption.

Employees are also contributing to sustainability at ŠKODA. On the internal portal ‘Green Z.E.B.R.A’, suggestions are regularly put forward concerning environmentally friendly activities. These measures improve the ecological balance for the company: since 2013, resources, materials or energies valued 1.6 million euros are being saved every year.

At present, ŠKODA’s water consumption of 1.5 million cubic metres is at 2010 levels, whilst production figures during this period have increased by around 25 per cent. 590,000 cubic metres of water are recycled annually – this equates to 40 per cent of the company’s overall consumption. The water consumption per vehicle built has reduced by 32 per cent compared to 2010. In the coming year, ŠKODA intends to further improve this figure and save 35 per cent.

Every two years, ŠKODA discloses its objectives and actions relating to environmental protection in a sustainability report. It discusses all three pillars of ŠKODA’s ‘GreenFuture’ strategy: for example, ‘GreenProduct’ deals with the development of vehicles that are as environmentally friendly as possible – in terms of fuel requirements as well as materials and recycling capabilities. With ‘GreenRetail’, the brand is promoting eco-friendly operations in their dealerships and workshops. ‘GreenFactory’ brings together all of the activities that help to conserve resources during production.

Since 1993, the United Nations has called for the support of World Water Day, which takes place annually on 22 March. This year, the topic is ‘wastewater’. Alongside considerate handling of this vital resource, the organisation is reminding us of opportunities for the treatment of drinking water, as well as its safe use in agricultural irrigation or in industrial processes.