Steelbird Launches SBA 1 Free Live A New helmet Under Air Series

Air Free Live- Black & Red

World’s first patented Air ventilation technology helmets in India

Imagine a helmet with air flow to keep your head cool while you are riding in scorching heat and humid. Yes it’s possible, as, country’s largest helmet manufacturer Steelbird had designed and developed helmets with ventilation technology which allow air to pass on through the head and keep it cool always.

The technology was developed by Steelbird R&D centre in Italy especially for Indian climate condition. the lab test reports has shown 4-5 degree less temperature inside the helmet while riding a two wheeler.

The Helmets is known as AIR series and at present 14 designs are available under this series in various colors and attractive designs.

Steelbird Group, Sales & Marketing Head, Mr. Shailendra Jain told that this helmet has 3 Air-Ventilations for inflow of AIR and one Exhaust for hot air to flow out. There are well defined air channels provided in the EPS for inflow and out flow of the air.

The most unique feature of the Steelbird AIR is its revolutionary ventilation system. Cool AIR goes in through these three ducts and the EPS rigs ensure that the AIR does not get trapped, but circulates, cooling the head. Using the special exhaust vents at the back, the warm air is let out – leaving behind a fresh cool ambience for an ultra comfortable ride.

The helmet is being sold through online and retail channels across India at an economic pricing of Rs 1799/-