Steelbird comes up with SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet

Worlds first helmet with NACA Duct Airflow Technology with Photochromatic Visor

New Delhi, 20th February 2019 : Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Hi-Tech India launches SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet, World’s first helmet with NACA duct Airflow Technology. The air flow system of the helmet is especially favored in Racing car designs and aircrafts.

The double NACA inlets above the shield allows entry of a large volume of air inside the helmet to refresh and dehumidify the interior. Talking about the NACA inlets on the back of the helmet, it allows quick extraction of stale air.

Designed in Italy, the helmet comes with comfortable and replaceable interiors.  The streamlined design of the SA-1 Aeronautics helmet reduces air drag, hence there is an increase in efficiency.

The SA-1 Aeronautics helmet comes with a wide range of visors like Iridium coated, Night Vision, smoke visor, specially the photochromatic visor. In numbers, there are 10 range of visors available for the helmet. The new stylish helmet will surely keep the riders head cool with this technology and ensures no sweating at all.

Talking about one of the special visors which the helmet offers is the Photochromatic visor. The two wheeler rider can ride with ease while wearing the SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet with Photochromatic Visor, as the visor changes it color according to the light. The Visor stays Smoky during the day time and turns into a clear one in the dark.

Step into the world of  wide range of colors in which the helmet is available like, Battle Green, Hot Pink, Midnight Black, Desert Storm, Maroon, Moon Yellow, Royal Brown etc, in both Mat and Glossy finish Respectively.

The Steelbird SA-1 Aeronautics Helmet is available at all Steelbird outlets and at at different price ranges starting from Rs 2999 to Rs 5999 depending upon the choice of visor respectively.