QuikrScanner for Cars Launched to Connect Cars with Owners


Another step by the company to develop long term relationships with car owners

QuikrCars, India’s No. 1 destination for inspected consumer cars, has launched QuikrScanner For Cars, an app that offers car owners real-time, 24×7 connectivity to track their car’s location, performance, health and overall condition. Empowering consumers through technology, the launch expands the range of products and services offered by QuikrCars, Quikr’s auto vertical focused on all types of automobiles including cars, bikes and commercial vehicles.

The QuikrScanner For Cars app is available on Android and iOS. It receives information from an OBD device connected to the car’s OBDII port. It allows consumers to enjoy a wide range of benefits such as real-time location tracking and notifications, a detailed view of vehicle history, security from car theft and monitoring of the overall health of the car. It provides an intuitive report on fuel economy, and detailed information on each trip the car has made. The device can be programmed to feed data to any number of mobile phones and all it needs is a SIM card with an active data plan. The phone that is used to read all the info need not be connected all the time.


Atul Tewari, Head of QuikrCars and COO of Quikr, said, “After the success of our first QuikrScanner app that diagnoses the health of mobile phones, we were convinced about its use case for cars too. Through a technology driven innovation like QuikrScanner For Cars, we are delivering on car owners’ needs that go beyond just buying or selling. The app, which is like a Fitbit for cars, also addresses elements of safety and security through its various features. Plus, it also enables a one vehicle-many users scenario – eg, data from a single device on a school vehicle can be accessed by all the parents. We are excited about this new step we’ve taken in our relationship with India’s car owners.”

QuikrCars has over 1.5MM vehicles listed and has the largest inventory of consumer inspected vehicles in India. It recently acquired Stepni to introduce vehicle maintenance services, and also offers RTO assistance to help transfer of ownership once a car has been traded on the platform. QuikrCars was the first to bring innovations such as the Maximum Sales Price (MSP) calculator to the market to help users ascertain the best price range for cars. It also offers a localized discovery module that shows recently posted and trending vehicle models around a particular location.