MICHELIN X® WORKS™ HD radial tyres launched for construction sector commercial vehicles in India

Michelin, the world’s leading tyre technology leader, today announced the introduction of new MICHELIN 10.00R20 X® WORKS™ HD range radial tyres in India. Manufactured in India, MICHELIN X® WORKS™ HD D (drive axle) and MICHELIN X® WORKS™ HD Z (all positions) are designed to provide an optimum productivity solution for commercial vehicles operating in extremely demanding on and off road usage environments.

Mohan Kumar, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Michelin India said, “Our 125 years of tyre technology expertise, deep consumer and terrain understanding has powered the MICHELIN X® WORKS™ HD range for the construction industry, which is seeing renewed growth, thanks to government’s infrastructure push. Customers that operate their fleet in these difficult conditions, demand a tyre that is robust and fights against all possible road hazards. With multiple features to protect the crown, sidewall and bead from shocks and impacts, the new range delivers the uptime, durability and capping these fleets demand.

MICHELIN X® WORKS™ HD range provides ruggedness, endurance, durability and safety. These tyres have been designed for users who do majority of their running ON roads, but also need to access construction sites to deliver raw materials and concrete, or to collect waste. Operators need both high mileage for road use and grip and traction on construction sites. The MICHELIN X® WORKS™ range delivers this high-performance combination, allowing users to reduce operating costs.

The new range uses the most advanced Michelin technology. Some of the benefits:


  • Robust tyre construction with super high tensile cables offers tougher crown strength. Reinforced casing cable provides stronger sidewall and wider steel belts reduce possible damages and downtime.


  • The drive axle X Works HD D has enhanced ON and OFF grip and aggression wear with large shoulder blocks and wider* transversal V grooves allowing the tyre to perform in difficult road conditions such as in mud and slush.
  • The all position X Works HD Z has stone ejectors at the base of the tread grooves to reduce stone trappings.


  • Additional bead wires offer 25%** higher resistance to possible bead rupture. Bead related issues minimized by additional protection around the beads and additional bead wires.

* As compared to Michelin 10.00R20 XDY3 HD, under Michelin recommended driving conditions and terms of usage

** As compared to Michelin 10.00R20 XZY3, under Michelin recommended driving conditions and terms of usage

MICHELIN X® WORKS™ D and Z range is currently available at all authorised Michelin Truck and Bus tyre dealer network in the country. To locate an authorised Michelin dealer contact us on 18001036424 or info.india@michelin.com.

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