Maruti Suzuki chosen as India’s Most Reputed Automobile Brand for 2017

Hyundai Motors ranks 2nd, Honda 3rd in the list

Mumbai, India, 7 March, 2017: Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car manufacturer, has been ranked India’s Most Reputed Automobile Brand for 2017 in a study by BlueBytes. The study was done in association with TRA Research, both Comniscient Group companies. The second most Reputed brand in the list is South Korea’s Hyundai Motors, with a substantial 93% lower BrandRep Score than the leader. Honda came a close third with a BrandRep Score just 6% lower. The fourth, fifth and sixth positions are secured by BMW, Tata Motors and Ford Motors. Mercedes Benz ranked seventh, Volkswagen eight and Audi ranked ninth in the report. Japan’s Toyota completed the top 10 in the list. A total of 42 automobile brands were listed with brands from 10 different countries featuring in the India’s Most Reputed Automobile Brands 2017 Report. Out of the 42 listed automobile brands, 7 each originated from India and Japan, 6 each from Germany and United Kingdom and 4 each from USA and Italy. The study evaluates Brand Reputation by analyzing media perception and consumer perception.

“Action communicated well is the main ingredient that goes into building reputation. In the Automobile sector brand Reputation is of high importance as often the brand has to resonate with the user. Automobiles is not just something that takes you from Point A to Point B, it is something that reflects your personality making brand reputation an important point of the purchase decision,” said Pooja Kaura, Chief Spokesperson for India’s Most Reputed Brands.

India’s Most Reputed Automobile Brands 2017 (ISBN: 978-81-932924-6-4), was a study conducted within the Automobile Industry with BlueBytes analyzing 50,000 news articles of 42 automobile brands in all the major English and Hindi print media across 9 cities. The period looked into was between February 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017. In addition to news analysis, the consumer’s perception was also studied and this part of the analysis was contributed by TRA Research, which interviewed 2,500 consumer-influencers on the aspect of Respect. The 50-page, report is available for Rs. 999/-.

India’s Most Reputed Brands

‘India’s Most Reputed Brands’ is a product of BlueBytes  and the report tracks reputation by studying the print and online news from across media. BlueBytes is geared towards mapping the Reputation topography of different Sectors. There are five reports covering different sectors in the Reputed series – India’s Most Reputed Aviation Brands 2016, India’s Most Reputed Pharmaceutical Brands 2016, India’s Most Reputed Real Estate Brands 2016, India’s Most Reputed Mobile Phones Brands 2017 and India’s Most Reputed Automobile Brands 2017.

About BlueBytes

Founded in 2003, BlueBytes, a part of the Comniscient Group, is India’s leading media-analytics company with making it an indispensible tool for tracking, managing, and analyzing media coverage from print and online sources. BlueBytes News offers media analyzes 4,000 articles daily and extends services to 250 marquee clients from 20 diverse Sectors. This year Bluebytes plans to launch 12 reports of India’s Most Reputed Brands from different Sectors and last Month the company launched India’s Most Reputed Aviation Brands.

Rank Automobile Brands Country of Origin
1 Maruti Suzuki India
2 Hyundai Motors South Korea
3 Honda Japan
4 BMW Germany
5 Tata Motors India
6 Ford Motors USA
7 Mercedes Benz Germany
8 Volkswagen Germany
9 Audi India Germany
10 Toyota Japan

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India’s Most Reputed Automobile Brands 2017