Mahindra launches sequel to its popular ‘Live Young Live Free’ television commercial

  • Showcases the unique value proposition of its SUVs which enable lifestyle enhancing experiences
  • The umbrella communication embodies the emotions of freedom & adventure, the anthem exhorts people to ‘Live Young, Live Free’
  • Also introduces first of its kind ‘Live Young, Live Free’ road trip mobile app for planning & experience sharing among fellow road trippers
  • Full commercial can be viewed on

Mumbai, January 16, 2017: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), India’s leading SUV manufacturer, recently launched a sequel to its popular television commercial, ‘Live Young, Live Free’ to showcase its complete portfolio of SUVs, including all the recently launched SUVs. Targeted at those who seek varied experiences, the new umbrella communication embodies the emotions of freedom and adventure, and propagates the core value proposition of Mahindra SUVs to enable lifestyle enhancing experiences.

Inspired by the original ‘Live Young Live Free’ score from the first campaign, the sequel uses a melange of tunes such as Hard-rock, Dub-step, Carnatic, Hindustani & Folk, elevating it from a song to an anthem running across the nation. As the leader in the SUV segment in India, over the years Mahindra has built a strong portfolio of vehicle brands with differentiated positioning and brand values.

The Live Young Live Free 2.0 film brings alive the unique proposition that Mahindra’s sports utility vehicles offer and the film underlines the common Mahindra DNA, a thread that binds the entire portfolio of SUVs. This film showcases different people, from different walks of life enjoying their own adventures in a Mahindra vehicle across the breath-taking landscapes of Ladakh, the serene lakes of Shillong, the dense forests of Assam and enigmatic dunes of Jaisalmer. With its stunning visuals, the film aptly showcases the go anywhere capability of Mahindra vehicles.

Speaking about the campaign, Vivek Nayer, Chief Marketing Officer, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “The sequel to our already popular TVC ‘Live Young Live Free’ celebrates the emotions of freedom and adventure among our SUV owners, and propagates the capability of Mahindra SUVs to enable lifestyle enhancing experiences. Mahindra vehicles with their unique DNA are best suited to offer a fun filled adventurous lifestyle to our customers, and the film reflects this in a very aspirational but relatable way. The Live Young Live Free anthem further enhances the strong emotional connect and exhorts people to join this movement. Essentially this TVC further builds on the earlier one and dwells on the fundamental nature of the human spirit which aspires for the freedom to pursue one’s passions.”

Mr. Nayer further added, “As part of our consumer insight studies we also found that with changing lifestyles, one of the key emerging trends was the growing number of road trippers in India, and the consequent increase in the sharing of experiences through social media. Our customer value proposition is at the heart of this trend. Hence while we have our TVC, print ads and content marketing strategy to amplify the Live Young Live Free communication, the newly introduced LYLF app is an enabler to plan and share the experience of road trippers.”

Robby Mathew, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Interface said, “This film celebrates the sheer joy of breaking free. Breaking free from the limitations of the road, and by extension, the limitations that we have set for ourselves. It is also a subtle reminder that we have but one life, and there is no excuse whatsoever to not live it to the fullest. Like they say, sequels always have it hard. We evaluate them much more ruthlessly than the original. Happily for us Amit Sharma (Chrome Films) has done a phenomenal job with the film, and Mikey’s music score is truly a breakthrough – an eclectic mix of genres and voices and styles.”

The ‘Live Young, Live Free’ app is the ultimate road trip app. A perfect companion for all the road trippers in India, it can be downloaded through an SMS (LYLF to 5757577) or from the AppStore/ PlayStore. One can view the full commercial on

About the Live Young Live Free App

The ultimate app for road trippers – ‘Live Young, Live Free’ include the following features:

  • Plan your trip: The ultimate mobile app to discover the best road trips in India – choose from Expert’s choice, User’s choice OR simply create your own trip. One can plan in advance and add food joints, ATMs, petrol pumps, repair shops, cafes, etc, to the route map. One can also pick up suggestions about these from other users’ routes as well.
  • Ask other Users: One can even ask others users of the app any query one may have with respect to the road trip – road conditions, food places, route etc. In addition, one can even search basic type of queries, and start & end destinations.
  • During the trip: One can use the app for navigation and stop at all the pre-planned points. One can take pictures, ask real time questions, check points of interest nearby and add tips.
  • Share your trip: The completed trips can be saved with tips, routes, and photos. It has the provision to create a 20 second video of the trip and share it with friends.
  • Safety features: The app has an SOS button and a 24X7 road side assistance contact for emergencies. All checklists, tips and suggestions have been included in detail to make the trips safe.
  • Data: The app will also feed in data about the users, their app behaviours and most importantly about road trips in India.

This app has also been designed to be a self-propeller when it comes to driving regular engagement through its gamification & notification features.

  • Gamification – All the road trip kms will accumulate as points and the road tripper will receive virtual badges as he/ she progresses up the hierarchy.
  • Notifications about trips one might be interested in and numerous weekend suggestions will be regularly sent out to the app users.