Honda launches new TVC campaign- ‘Effortless Style’. It’s Special! for CB Shine SP- India’s most lively urban motorcycle

Gurugram, July 5, 2017: Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) rolled out its latest television commercial (TVC) for the effortlessly stylish CB Shine SP which is on air now.

The ‘Effortless Style. It’s Special!’ campaign’s central theme is how the technologically advanced CB Shine SP lets the rider boast his personal style effortlessly with confidence.

Developed by Asatsu DK Fortune Pvt Ltd (ADK), the campaign features Himansh Kohli, the promising Bollywood debutante and the youth icon. The commercial is live on-air on popular channels.


While India ranks among the world’s fastest growing economies, it is also home to one of world’s youngest democracy. India’s next Gen strongly believe in their differentiated identity in the society. The new CB Shine SP mirrors the same ‘I am who I am’ spirit and make them stand out among of their peers.

Launched in 2015, CB Shine SP takes forward the legacy of CB Shine – India’s largest selling 125cc motorcycle with a sporty and youthful reinvention. CB Shine SP comes with an extra dose of sporty style, performance, features and striking looks which makes it very special.

A young and fun loving audience 

The ‘Effortless Style!” campaign aims at reinforcing the distinctive positioning of CB Shine SP. The communication is targeted towards the aspirational 20-30 year olds (young professionals mostly unmarried males, students and self-employed) who are first time motorcycle buyers and desire a premium and urbane stylish motorcycle.

Brief which drives the message of ‘‘Effortless Style’. It’s Special!’

Today’s young professionals want to be stylish without trying too hard, but rather being effortlessly stylish.

The new India wants to stay up-to-date, thus the stylish and peppy CB Shine 125cc bike becomes ideal for modern youth.  CB Shine SP packed to the seams with advanced features like 5 speed transmission, digital analogue meter, Combi-brake with Equalizer, it is not only ahead in terms of performance but is a bonafide style icon. No wonder the rider doesn’t have to worry about appearing stylish, it comes effortlessly.

Mix of emotion and reason

The campaign treatment stands out as its narrative reinforces how CB Shine SP is more than just a product but evokes a ‘special’ emotional connect. All this while rationally reinforcing that it is leagues ahead of competition when it comes to product attributes.  Considering the target audience, the TVC is a slice of life of the young Indian customer who is a working professional, is committed to work and also fun.


Honda’s TVC film connects with the urban young in the lingo of fun and fashion. The film beautifully and yet, in a comic manner, tells us how people go to great lengths to look stylish but compromise on comfort. There are few who can confidently carry off style, effortlessly.

The TVC opens with a young stylish couple riding on the CB Shine SP and heading for a club in an up-street locale. Building the mood is the rap jingle in the background crooning, ‘Swag 100 number, killer hai style’. At the same time, the main features of the bike appear as classy at appropriate places.

Wherever the couple rides, there are many who are try to appear stylish but are unsuccessful as they compromise go overboard in the process..

They spot a man at a juice shop with baggy jeans but is unable to carry off the style. A voice over in the background says: Khisak na jaye, sambhal na padta hai.

As they ride on, they pass by three glamorously dressed young girls waiting outside a party hall. The shot then zooms to one of them who is putting her best efforts to looks pretty in her saree, but is shivering in the cold while trying too hard to look stylish. The VO in the background says: Thand mei kaapna padta hai.

They then pass by a marriage procession. People are dancing and swaying to the beat. In this crowd, is a guy who is wearing sun-shades in the dark and trying to look ‘cool’. He is dancing but he keeps slipping as he is unable to see clearly. A voice over says: Raat ko bhi din banana padta hai, style ke liye kya-kya nahi karna padta hai?

Finally, the young couple reaches their destination and their friends are waiting at the entrance of the club. It is here that the Voice over reminds: Lekin ek style aisa bhi hota hai jo hai ekdum effortless. Honda CB Shine SP 125 – Effortless style. It’s special.


“Honda is India’s most preferred brand in the 125cc executive motorcycle segment. While CB Shine is the choice of mature professionals, its younger sibling CB Shine SP is a successful Urban Commuter with added advantage of 5th gear and digital analog meter. With this campaign, Honda is connecting with the aspirational buyers seeking that extra style and want to stay a step ahead effortlessly”, said Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President-Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.

“CB Shine SP 125 is one of the most stylish bikes in the 125cc motorcycle segment. We had to showcase the rider imagery in an easy and effortless manner.” said Subroto Pradhan, Managing Partner, ADK Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd.

The calling card is style and the seamless design of Shine SP makes it effortless to exude one’s unique style. The creative amplification is a commentary on how people try to do that extra bit to come across as stylish which might end up making them look stupid at times. Defeating the basic purpose.”Akashneel Dasgupta, ECD, ADK Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd.

“Excited to be a part of this fun campaign for Honda CB Shine SP 125. CB Shine with its effortless style and smartness surely compliments the philosophy of the commercial film”, said Himansh Kohli, Bollywood Actor & Main Protagonist of TVC.