Hero Motocorp Unveils Technology and Innovation – Driven New Products Strategy

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“I’m pleased to unveil Splendor iSmart 110, the first motorcycle to have been developed completely in-house by Hero’s own R&D team, thereby carrying forward the legacy of Splendor – the largest selling bike in the world.

“After achieving a significant milestone in our solo journey last year with the successful launch of the first of our in-house developed scooters, we are now setting sights on developing smarter products for a global audience. As the market leader, we have also been ushering in a new era of green manufacturing and developing greener solutions for future mobility. The range of new products and concepts on display here at the Auto Expo is reflective of our vision to be a global mobility power house with a range of environment-friendly two-wheelers.

“At our new Global Centre for Innovation and Technology in Jaipur, our R&D team is constantly engaged in not only extending the range of our current product offerings, but also focused on developing newer performance oriented products in keeping with global trends. With these new products, combined with our current winning range, we are confident of staying ahead and guiding the industry trends.”

Pawan Munjal Chairman, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Hero MotoCorp

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Hero MotoCorp Ltd., the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, reiterated its commitment to engineering excellence with the unveiling of an exciting new range of products and concepts at the Auto Expo – The Motor Show 2016 today.

Mr. Pawan Munjal, Chairman, MD & CEO, Hero MotoCorp, along with Hero Brand Ambassador Ranbir Kapoor unveiled the company’s future portfolio of bikes and scooters.

After the successful launch of its in-house developed scooters last year, Hero MotoCorp showcased the new Splendor iSmart 110, the Xtreme 200S, the XF3R and the Duet E – which have been developed keeping in mind both domestic and global markets.

The all-new Splendor iSmart 110

The Splendor iSmart 110 is the first motorcycle developed entirely in-house by Hero’s own R&D team. The new bike is powered by a completely new engine chassis and frame. The bike has Hero’s intuitive i3S technology at its core and is loadedwith smart features which integrate seamlessly to make the riding experience simpler, more efficient and enjoyable.

Having set new industry benchmarks in technological innovation and fuel efficiency with the previous iSmart, the new Splendor iSmart 110cc is the latest in line of the legendary Splendor series.

Powered by an air cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke 110cc engine, the bike delivers a maximum power of 9.1 PS at 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 9 Nm at 5500 rpm. The engine is mated to a four-speed gear box.

The modern form of the bike is designed to appeal to a larger audience, with a combination of muscular shoulders, chiseled waistline and a rakish face. The crisp, clean and contemporary look of the new bike, along with enhanced performance will be a surefire success with customers and take forward the legacy of the largest-selling motorcycle in the world.Pawan Munjal Chairman, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Hero MotoCorp

The Xtreme 200S

Showcasing a directional guidance to future products in the super premium category, HMCL unveiled the new Xtreme 200S today.A powerful, muscular and dynamic bike, the Xtreme 200S comes packed with enhanced performance and assured riding capabilities with rear mono suspension and modern safety features like ABS.

Shaped along the form of a ‘Cheetah’, the youthful appeal of Xtreme 200S is further accentuated by aggressive styling elements. The compact packaging of mechanical elements like mono-shock, engine, footrest and muffler cover at the bottom signifies weight concentration at the base, further enhancing the formidable look of the motorcycle.

The design of the bike is focused on providing a strong and powerful riding experience. The conscious adaptation of features like air vents in front cowl, tank-shroud and belly-pan enhance cooling and improve the power of the engine. Effort has been made to focus the weight in front while adding a vertical flow towards the rear to create a harmonious synergy between body and mechanical elements.

Powered by an air cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke 200cc engine, the bike delivers a maximum power of 18.6 PS at 8500 rpm and maximum torque of 17.2 Nm at 6000 rpm. The engine is mated to a five-speed gear box. Built on the strong diamond type chassis design, the Xtreme 200S features rear mono suspension, front and rear disc brakes and LED lights.

The XF3R

Providing a glimpse into the future of Hero’s design and development philosophy for performance bikes is the ‘Design Concept Vehicle’ – XF3R. Based on the concept of ‘Born to be Wild’, the XF3R is a Street Fighter motorcycle, with arresting design, powerful styling, and a mid-segment, high performance engine.

A combination of power and aggression, dynamic stance and grounded core, the XF3R exudes a modern and cutting edge character, giving it an edge over other bikes in this segment.

This balance of form and function is the essence of the XF3R, which will be reflected in future products in this category.

The Duet-E

Following HMCL’s vision of ‘Greenovation’, the Duet-E is an electric scooter concept aimed at providing a comfortable, convenient and environment-friendly commuting option to discerning riders. This concept highlights the company’s commitment to providing future-ready, mobilitysolutions based on alternate energy sources.

Using the current electric vehicle technology, the R&D team at Hero MotoCorp has come up with a new design for an electric vehicle, perfectly suited for intercity commute. The aesthetics of the scooter combine a white colour with flowing green graphics to give elegant and soothing overtones.

The Duet-E has been based on a current production series scooter, the Duet, to make it cost effective and enable engineers to build the vehicle within a realistic timeline. The scooter has been created in-keeping with the smart mobility needs of the future.