Gemopai Electric Launches Two Dealership Stores in NCR Region

  • 2 Dealership stores are opened in areas Ghaziabad and Noida
  • Customers can avail ongoing festive season offers at the dealership stores with benefit upto INR 5500/-
  • GemopaiElectric is a is a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric

India, October 22nd, 2020:Gemopai Electric, a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility and Opai Electric, today announced the launch of two dealership stores across the NCR region. With an aim to increase the accessibility to electric vehicles, Gemopaibecomes one of the few EV manufacturers in the country to open dealership stores in this region and continues to strengthen its presence across the country.

The company has partnered with EV Trades (Ghaziabad) and AVR EcoridesPvt Ltd (Noida) to deliver a smooth retail experience to customers, who can avail the ongoing festive offers by the company at any of the stores across India. It is seeing 70% of its pre-Covid volumes back and expects the volumes to be up by 100% by December 2020. It hasplans of opening8-10stores across Delhi and NCRby the end of FY2020 and is looking for more such partnerships to further its plans.

On the launch of the dealership stores, Gemopai Electric Co-Founder Amit Raj Singh, said, “We are very happy to bring EVs closer to the customer through our partnership with EV Trades (Ghaziabad) and AVR EcoridesPvt Ltd (Noida) across the NCR region. They have been extremely supportive and have been providing us with their expertise with the opening of the dealership in the area. With the pandemic driving the demand for personal mobility vehicles, these dealership stores will help the customers in getting access to our safe and affordable range of EVs and transform everyday commuting.”

Abhishek Garg from EV Trades, Ghaziabad said, “This is an amazing opportunity for us to partner with one of the India’s home grown brand and to provide their vehicles through our dealership store. This partnership will prove beneficial with the ongoing festive season and the growing adoption rate of EVs in the region.”

ArabindoPatro from AVR Ecorides, Noida said, “We see a lot of enquiries for affordable EVs in the area and hence this partnership will enable us to fulfill this demand and build more awareness of benefits f owning an EV in the market.”

Gemopai Electric’s existing fleetof Astrid Lite, Ryder and Miso, and future range will be available through its dealership stores. The opening of these new stores along with Gemopai’s large network of 60+ dealership stores that also act as Gemopai vehicles, will continue to enable the adoption of EVs in the country in the most efficient manner.

Thanks to FAME scheme and other benefits offered by the government, the market is seeing a lot of good traction for electric scooters. These vehicles are becoming increasingly popular because of their low running costs, especially in the wake of increasing fuel prices which make ICE (internal combustion engine) based scooters expensive to afford. Electric scooters start from a very affordable price range and are well-suited for urban commutes. While the Government is driving incentives and announcements for uptake of Electric Vehicles, there is still a big gap in terms of awareness on its cost of ownership and benefits to the user, which the company wants to mitigate.

About Gemopai:

Gemopai is a joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility and OpaiElectric which is one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicles in the world. Opai has a 15+ years’ experience in manufacturing quality electric 2 wheelers havingsold more than 15 million electric 2 wheelers worldwide. Goreen E-Mobility and Opaihave signed MOU for joint venture technology transfer and cooperation agreementsfor further developing electric two-wheeler models for the Indian market. Gemopaiwas one of the earliest brands to support a portable Li-ion battery. For more information, please visit Instagram: gemopai and Facebook: Gemopai Electric Scooter