Five vintage ŠKODAs start in the Hamburg-Berlin Klassik


› ŠKODA participating in ‘Rally of the North’ for seventh time

› Rolling Rarities: From the legendary ŠKODA 440 SPARTAK of 1957 to the racing car ŠKODA 130 RS

› Three-day rally leads 180 driver teams through picturesque streets of Hamburg in federal capital

ŠKODA’s participation in the Hamburg-Berlin Klassik has become a tradition. ŠKODA classic cars will be starting in the prestigious ‘Rally of the North’ for the seventh time. Spectators watching the 9th Hamburg-Berlin Klassik can look forward to five ŠKODA classics this year. The vintage cars from Mladá Boleslav show the variety of ŠKODA’s model history, ranging from the well-known ŠKODA 440 SPARTAK dating back to 1957, to the racing car ŠKODA 130 RS from the year 1976.

“Taking part in this fascinating drive is an absolute must for ŠKODA,” says Andrea Frydlová, Head of ŠKODA Museum. “ŠKODA is represented by five rolling rarities this year. Last year we gained the upper hand in the Hamburg-Berlin Klassik in the category of post-war vehicles. ŠKODA’s vehicles also have a very high chance of success this year,” Frydlová is convinced.

The ‘Rally of the North’ is one of the finest vintage- and classic-car rallies in Germany. The 9th Hamburg-Berlin Klassik tour takes place from 25 to 27 August along marvellous routes from the Hanseatic City to the capital. A colourful array of 180 vehicles is now on its way to the pleasure trip. The uniformity and reliability rally is characterized by a scenic route, exciting stages and a varied programme.


The oldest ŠKODA vehicle in the Hamburg-Berlin Klassik is the ŠKODA 440 SPARTAK dating back to 1957. Under the hood of the distinctive classic there is a 40 horsepower engine with 1,089 cc engine. ŠKODA’s fleet this year also includes a car of the same type but one year younger, which has been carefully restored by an owner from Germany.

Hardly any other car casts a spell on spectators as does the elegant convertible ŠKODA FELICIA. The specimen from the ŠKODA Museum’s inventory was produced in 1961. Since this vintage car weighs a mere 930 kg, its 50 hp engine makes this model surprisingly spritely.


The sporty coupé ŠKODA 110 R is currently in high demand and every interesting specimen attracts the attention of collectors. The automobile, which was produced in 1978, features a 1107 cm3 engine with an output of 52 hp.

The racing-car legend ŠKODA 130 RS from 1976 is pure emotion. Behind the wheel is the seven-time German Rally Champion Matthias Kahle. By winning the European Touring Car Championship in 1981 and its class victory in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1977, the ‘Porsche of the East’ is an outstanding representative of ŠKODA’s 115-year motorsport history and one of the most fascinating racing cars of its time.

160817 ŠKODA 1100 MBX De Luxe

The start of this year’s Hamburg-Berlin Klassik takes place against the spectacular backdrop of the fish auction hall in Hamburg. The first vehicle will be rolling onto the launch ramp on Thursday 25 August at twelve o’clock. The all-day stage on Friday will take the participants past Mecklenburg Fleesensee. Starting from there, the vintage and classic cars will enter the final stage on Saturday, taking the participants to Berlin.