EV industry proposes faster adoptions of Electric two wheeler to combat pollution

New Delhi 6th December 2017-Hemalatha Annamalai, Founder and CEO, Ampere Vehicles Private Limited and South- Chapter Chief, SMEV (Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicle) said, “Very poor to severe air quality is not only in Delhi/ NCR, there are many other cities that are similarly impacted, causing huge health problems. We need holistic solution to this man made problem. The symptomatic approach will only help avoid the worst air quality. We need a solution that gets us in the good air quality zone. ”

 “Electric Vehicle industry is all geared to support the mass adoption of EVs, especially when it comes to two wheelers. As per the study conducted by IIT Kanpur in 2016, contribution to pollution during winter by two wheelers is 33%,” Hemalatha added.

“A good beginning can be made by mandating electric two wheelers for delivery business and other commercial usages. Also, the government can look at putting phase- out timeline for petrol two wheelers.”