Amara Raja launches Amaron Brute- Hi Life Batteries to revolutionize logistics industry

-Amaron Brute to power the forklifts in manufacturing, processing &warehousing industry

-The product with highest life cycle will fill the exiting gap with its technological superiority

-Huge positive impact expected in warehousing industry with GST implementation

 1st September, 2017, New Delhi/ Tirupati: Going ahead with its values of innovation and offering technologically superior products, Amara Raja Batteries Limited, today introduced Amaron Brute- Hi Life Batteries, specially designed to cater to the needs and fill the existing gaps for a superior product for Motive Power applications in in manufacturing, processing &warehousing industry.

Designed with the same promise of advanced technology and unmatched customer service standard pursued at Amara Raja, Amaron Brute offers the highest cyclic life, which meets the BS (British Standard) and DIN (Deutsches Institut) specification. It has been designed to electrically operate material handling equipments and similar hauling machines and cranes used by manufacturing, processing &warehousing industry.

During the launch of Amaron Brute, Mr.Srinivas Ganga, Vice President and CMO, Industrial Business Division said, “The expansion in the Motive Power industry is driven by factors like new taxation system under GST, rapid expansion of e-commerce and overall improvement in the economy. These factors have brought in a change in the material handling habits in the existing industry and there is a shift from diesel to electric material handling equipments.”

Further elaborating, he said that Amaron Brute- Hi Life Batteries will be able to fill the existing gap in the Motive Power industry by providing a technologically superior product with the highest cycle life among the existing products. “It has always been part of Amara Raja’s tradition and value proposition. We have always been the pioneer in offering a technologically superior product in the existing market with lower Total Cost of Ownership”.

The evolving business requirement in the country has further created a distinct requirement for process, manufacturing, warehousing and vertical storage of the goods and products. Moving these products manually is both cumbersome and time-taking. World-over motive power is extensively used in big warehouses, airports, ports, and similar industries.

Built to the highest technical competence in its class, Amaron Brute- Hi Life Batteries has been tested extensively in premier manufacturing facilities in Europe. Amara Raja has put its vision into practice by striding forward in the power management industry and consolidating its position as one of the leading players in the Asia-Pacific region. Aimed to meet the Indian requirements, Amaron Brute also allows user friendly diagnosis & maintenance. It will be available across the country through ARBL approved partnerships.

About Amara Raja Batteries Limited

Amara Raja Batteries Limited –Amara Raja Batteries Limited, the flagship company of the Amara Raja Group with 26% equity each from Galla Family and Johnson Controls Inc, USA, is the technology leader and is one of the largest manufacturers of lead acid batteries for both industrial and automotive applications in the Indian storage battery industry.

ARBL has prestigious original equipment manufacturers like Ford, Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, Ashok Leyland, Hindustan Motors, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Fiat, Honda, Maruti, Hyundai, Royal Enfield and Honda 2 wheelers as its clients. The Company’s Industrial and Automotive batteries are exported to countries in Indian Ocean Rim

In India, Amara Raja is the preferred supplier to major telecom service providers, Telecom equipment manufacturers, UPS sector (OEM & Replacement), Indian Railways and to Power, Oil & Gas among other industry segments.

The brand ‘AMARON’ of Amara Raja Batteries has been recently recognized as Asia’s most promising brand by WCRC & KPMG and also as the Superbrand by Superbrands Council