Zonnett – Shaping the fragmented automobile repair services segment in India with a huge trust deficit amongst consumers

Zonnett Company Logo

  • A trusted and transparent network of car service providers
  • Innovative ‘Zero Water Car Wash Campaign’, helping conserve lakhs of litres of water wasted per car on a daily basis
  • Doorstep Car Spa & Car Service for convenient customer service offering unique entrepreneurial opportunity to new players to provide basic services at doorstep
  • Entertains over 400 inquiries on a daily basis for doorstep services
  • Raised seed funding of Rs. 2.5 crore and plans to raise $ 5-10 million in Series A Funding

Zonnett, a 6 months old startup founded by Abhijit Saxena, Vishwajeet Sukhija, Kanishka Garg &Vikrant Pawar aims to revolutionize the automobile repair and services market in India with its innovative business model. Zonnett has a Mumbai wide network car service centers to cater to any need of the customers’ car. Customers can now access any service from anywhere and Zonnett team or the network of service centers would be nearby to assist the customer.

The company has launched an innovative campaign – ‘Zero Water Car Wash’. This unique water conservation campaign by Zonnett fights against the car wash industry which wastes lakhs of litres of water every year. The campaign has been successfully run over large number of residential societies across Mumbai in the last couple of months and has managed to save over 7 lakh litres of water.

‘Doorstep Car Spa’ & ‘Doorstep Car Servicing’ are other services introduced by Zonnett. In today’s fast paced and busy lives, customers hardly get time to take appropriate care of one of their important assets – their CARS. After deep understanding and analysis, Zonnett introduced these hassle free and convenient services which have received tremendous response from the customers.  The company currently entertains over 400 inquiries on a daily basis. The interesting part is that new micro entrepreneurs have emerged to offer these basic services because of this new initiative by Zonnett.  
Abhijit Saxena, CEO, ZonettAbhijit Saxena, CEO Zonnett
said, “Water is a precious resource that is depleting day by day and the statistics are dangerously low. As we at Zonnett always believe in betterment of our customers and the society through our initiatives, we came up with the idea of ‘Zero Water Car Wash’. This innovative solution is not only distinctive, but, also helps in preventing one of the biggest crisis of water shortage that we face in the near future. We are focusing on saving water through our ‘Zero water car wash’ campaign which is targeted towards the residential societies in Mumbai primarily. Also, we will be introducing other doorstep modules soon for our customers.”

Commenting on the business model, Abhijit Saxena said, “Currently the automobile repair and service market is fragmented and unorganized. It is a difficult task for a car owner to find a trusted car service provider at an affordable price. We realized that there is a huge price gap between the authorized dealers and the local garages, and how difficult it is for a car owner to find a trusted service centre that does not charge an exorbitant amount. The idea of starting Zonnett was germinated due to a similar personal experience and since inception we have been receiving phenomenal response from our customers.”

Zonnett is a technology enabled platform with a hyperlocal business model which offers services through its mobile app, website and a toll free number. Zonnett plans to expand to some other cities in the next 2-3 months. The company has raised seed funding of Rs. 2.5 crore and plans to raise $10 million in Series A funding which will be used for growth and expansion.

Through Zonnett’s mobile app, website or Toll free number, the customer can easily map the best garage in his/her locality. Zonnett provides multiple options to each customer, helping them compare and choose the best. This service is purely convenient and transparent, enabling customers to find the right solution for their cars at an affordable price.”

About Zonnett:

Zonnett was launched in August 2015 by Abhijit Saxena, Vishwajeet Sukhija ,Kanishka Garg,and Vikrant Pawar. ZONNETT is a trusted and transparent network of service providers; specifically handpicked and verified by a team of experts to take care of your car related needs and provides a better service than their existing service provider. ZONNETT aims to give its customers the best possible deal through their dense network of franchised and non-franchised car repair and service shops. It helps the customer find the right service centre nearest to his location at affordable prices.