ZF Services to provide modular oil change kits to the Indian market


  • Very high flexibility with passenger car oil change kits
  • Transmission oil also available separately as ZF-Lifeguard fluid (5 – 8) plus
  • Regular oil changes prevent premature wear

ZF Services has made its offer regarding oil change kits for automatic passenger car transmissions even more modular: As of now, the components for the transmission oil change can be ordered according to need. Until now, every kit contained seven liters of ZF transmission oil besides the required spare parts. ZF Services has expanded this product range to include premium grade oil, with the option for it to be ordered separately. The oil change kits work with more than 600 types of vehicles that have ZF automatic transmissions.

From now on, workshops can purchase the components they need to change transmission oil even more in line with actual needs. The oil change kit now comes either with or without the suitable 7 litre ZF-Lifeguard Fluid. Moreover, the transmission oil is also separately available in one litter bottle. This offer makes it possible to change the transmission oil quickly and affordably in more than 600 types of vehicles with 5 or 6-speed automatic transmission.

The complete packages for transmission oil change by ZF Services save workshops time and money: The individual part sets contain all the necessary line items for the oil change, from the filter to the seals and screws and on to the magnets and oil pans, along with seven liters of ZF-LifeguardFluid oil. Shops therefore no longer need to find and order the required parts individually but receive the full set of spare parts for a smooth change from a single source.

The right oil is essential to preserve the shift quality and service life of the mechanical components. All ZF transmissions are therefore filled with the semi-synthetic or fully synthetic premium grade oil ZF-Lifeguard Fluid: Under normal conditions, it lasts a vehicle’s entire life cycle, but it can age prematurely in case of excessive loads – such as from frequent use of trailers or quick, sporty driving.

ZF Services has been present in the Indian market for many years now. To meet the evolving needs of the customers, ZF Services has been offering innovative and futuristic products. “We witnessed a great response in the Indian market for the ZF Services transmission oil for passenger cars. This has further encouraged us to expand our product base in India by introducing new variants that are customized for the diverse range of automatic transmission available here” says Mr. Vijay Khorgade, Head, ZF Services India.

Expertise in changing transmission oil

ZF Services remains a capable partner, providing workshops with innovative products and practical expertise. ZF Services assists these businesses with helpful tips for the professional use of its repair sets. Most importantly, to prevent damage to the transmission, one should always adhere strictly to the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.

By carrying out professional oil changes, the workshop presents itself to its customers as a professional and forward-thinking service provider. Since wear to the automatic transmission has been minimized, it will last longer. Furthermore, fresh transmission oil contributes to lower fuel consumption and consequently lower CO2 emissions.

ZF Services Customers Save Time and Money

The special oil change kits for ZF transmissions allow workshops to perform this service quickly, efficiently and easily. Additionally, ZF Service Centers offer a Premium oil service for ZF transmissions, where oil pan, filter, and the oil itself are changed, and the mechatronics are checked.

Fitting and removal of the transmissions, as well as the change of components are handled in the local workshop; the Service Center covers the repair of the transmission and, where required, provides the exchange units. In addition, the experts at the Service Center help with the diagnosis, offer transport service or – if necessary – provide service for the vehicle on-site. This way, the independent workshops can extend their service portfolio considerably.