‘Trak N Tell’ introduces India’s first open platform GPS tracking device – Trakpod

~A DIY supplement to Intelli7+, featuring vehicle health information~

New Delhi, October 9, 2017: – Persistently enhancing its services, while inciting techies for the past six years, Trak N Tell, a Gurgaon-based IoT startup that provides sophisticated vehicle telematics solutions, announces the launch of the Trakpod. A supplement to Trak N Tell’s Intelli7+, the Trakpod is a technology marvel in the automobile telematics segment. It is a DIY product of sorts, with features similar, as well as additional to Intelli7+.

Unlike usual devices, which fit inside the dash board and away from view, the Trakpod connects to the OBD-II port that is available in most cars sold globally. Furthermore, the product can also provide real-time vehicle health information via the existing Trak N Tell app, which is an add-on feature. Being a DIY product, the open source product also allows tech fanatics to further add newer features to it for their use.

Currently, Trak N Tell offers a web API that is used by customers to integrate vehicular data into their ERPs.  With Trakpod, Trak N Tell also offers a Bluetooth API that allows developers to capture data in real-time directly from the device and integrate the same into their own custom Android and iOS apps.  This is a first for India and opens up a world of opportunity for development of connected car services.  Both the device and web APIs can spin off an entire eco-system of connected car services within India and abroad.

Commenting on the launch, Pranshu Gupta, Founder & CEO, Trak N Tell said, “Innovation is the way forward for any organization to stay relevant in future. We at Trak N Tell are relentlessly working towards enhancing our services and bringing something new and extra to our consumers that adds value to their experience. With Trakpod, we are proud to bring in the country’s first tracking solution that enables developers explore and build on further for numerous opportunities. Trakpod will also lay impetus on the engine and vehicle health, which is a largely ignored aspect otherwise.”

In addition to the above, Trakpod allows the brand to tap the premium car segment, owing to the products universal design. Additionally, the product comes in two different variants viz. 2G and 4G. While the 2G variant is already out in the market, Trak N Tell is also working on a 4G LTE variant of Trakpod for the global market, which is expected to hit the market for field trials around Diwali this year.

Adding to the insights, Ritu Gupta, Co-Founder & COO, Trak N Tell said, “There are very few players in the India market, innovating or exploring the 4G space. Our impending 4G variant will open up a world of opportunities us and is projected to bring telematics services in Indian cars at par with International standards.

About Trak N Tell

Trak N Tell provides customized telematics solutions to vehicle manufacturers as well as vehicle owners. It offers a GPS product that allows vehicle tracking, remote engine immobilization as well as monitoring of engine health etc. The company was established in May 2007 and has its headquarters in Gurgaon, India. It counts several OEMS, as well as fleet owners and individual car/bike owners among its customers. Trak N Tell’s products are designed and manufactured in India.