Trails of India introduces Merchandise Section for Biking enthusiasts Addressing Security & Availability Concerns for Bikers


The world-class merchandise section comprises inventory of Alpinestars, AGV, Scala, Diesel and Michelin

Trails of India, which started as a crowd sourced social platform for the bikers’ community, has now entered the retail segment, releasing a complete new range of products for the biking enthusiasts. The latest merchandise section comprises safety gear, gadgets and the right tyres for superbike, bringing together inventory from world-renowned brands like Alpinestars, AGV, Scala, Diesel and Michelin.

With the latest development, ardent bikers can also avail the Pilot Road 3, Road 4 and Sirac Street from Michelin. All these products, carrying the authenticity and assurance of Trails of India, can be ordered online with cash on delivery option and will be delivered within 7 days all across India. Dedicated to making biking fun, social and safe, Trails of India is also offering exciting offers on the purchase of the latest merchandise section.

Adding further on the announcement, Ms. Ambika Sharma, Founder of Pulp Strategy and Trails of India said, “We have really enjoyed bringing Trails of India alive, creating a reverberating community for bikers to interact amongst themselves, plan bike trips together and grow their relationships. The latest inclusion of world-class merchandising is set to address the challenge of availability of aftermarket inclusion. We are hopeful the new range of products will make a biker’s life easier, making the highly needed safety gear and gadgets available all across India.”

You can access Trails of India to place the order or to connect with the community of passionate bikers. Being accessed by 20000+ new bikers on a daily basis, Trails of India is your ideal destination for sharing and growing your interest in biking and tours. You can also connect with the support team at Trails of India, should you require any assistance in planning tours or getting the perfect armour for your beast.

About Pulp Strategy:

Pulp Strategy is a multi-award-winning full service agency in the realm of Tech enabled, digital & Interactive marketing with a comprehensive range of integrated solutions that combine brand strategy, creativity, consumer insight, design, and technology to deliver superior engagement and experience driven products.

If a biker doesn’t know exactly what they need, they can easily reach the support team for a well guided plan of action, making Trails Of India the go-to option for every rider, for both staying connected with fellow riders as well as the place to find the perfect armour for their beast.

About Trails of India:

An exclusive platform for bikers to get to know all about the biking world and share their journeys and stories too, Trails of India is a collection of the most wonderful bike journeys, saved for posterity. Biking is a purposeful passion which makes you creative and interesting as a person. Every journey that a biker goes out on, teaches him something that (s)he might want to share with fellow bikers. Trails of India is that platform, where bikers can connect with others in the brotherhood, share details of journeys, discuss interesting places found on the way, advise on precautions to take while traveling on a particular route and exchange notes on gadgets, gizmos and technology related to biking. Trails of India brings together riders from across the country and gives them the opportunity to share their biking experiences – pictures, videos, routes and biker stories; and even plan an event or a trip together.