Team Chevrolet Finishes 3rd in 18th Edition of “Raid the Himalaya”


In the recently concluded prestigious 18th edition of “Raid the Himalaya”, Team Chevrolet finished 3rd on the podium. Chevrolet Beat was exclusively re-engineered by 150 engineers from General Motors Technical Centre in 3 months to endure the rough terrain with focus on safety. GM engineers took up all the work beginning with designing an additional roll-cage, procuring the materials, welding new components to painting the car, everything was done by the passionate engineers at GM’s Technical Centre in Bangalore rather than outsourcing it to third party which is the norm in the industry. The car at the rally was being driven by the team comprising Pradeep Chauhan as the rally driver and Gaurav Upneja as an able navigator


Keeping the safety paramount, the car passed through GM tough technical standards before being sent for the rally. The exercise not only highlights the technical excellence of GM Technical Centre in Bangalore but also epitomizes that employees thrive in an environment which is a catalyst for creating a high performance work culture at GM.

The initiative taken by the General Motors Technical Centre to take part in the 18th edition of Raid De Himalaya was to primarily to engage employees in engineering a rally car.