Tata Motors rolls out a range of health & hygiene accessories

Launches Air-o-Pure 95 range of filters, purifiers amongst others to offer a safe in-cabin experience for customers

Mumbai, 08 August 2020: Tata Motors, India’s leading auto brand, today announced the rollout of an array of health and hygiene accessories for its customers. In line with the company’s ongoing endeavour to ensure the safety of its customers at all times, these accessories are designed to provide car owners with an additional level of safety for their new & existing Tata cars. All these will be offered as Tata Motors Genuine Accessories and will be available across the Tata Motors outlets in the country.

The details of the accessories range are as follows:

Air-o-Pure 95 Air Purifier: The Air-o-Pure 95 air purifier comes equipped with an Active Carbon HEPA filter and UV-C light which improves the air quality, removes volatile organic compounds along with virus and bacteria and filters out hazardous smoke. The purifier is elegantly designed and easy to fit in the cupholder slot of all Tata cars.

Air-o-Pure 95 Air Filter: Keeping in mind the customers’ health, this filter is capable of filtering out bacteria and virus of up to 0.3 microns, thereby improving the quality of the in-cabin air and saving customers from allergic reactions and respiratory disorders. This filter can be installed in the Nexon & the Harrier as of now and will be soon introduced across the remaining New Forever range of cars.

Health- Pro Sanitization Kit: Customers looking for a one-stop solution to maintain their safety while travelling can opt for an all-purpose ‘Health- Pro Sanitization Kit’ from the Tata Motors outlets. This kit is specially designed to provide the customers with critical hygiene items like a Hand Sanitizer, N95 Masks, Hand Gloves, Safety Touch Key, Tissue Box, Mist Diffuser and a Driving Kit with covers for the exposed touch points like the steering wheel, handbrake, gear knob and the seats.

Additionally, Tata Motors is also offering a vehicle air and surface disinfectant service which emits ozone to clean the air from bacteria/virus. Once kept in a closed car for 20 minutes, the system disinfects the in-cabin space. Lastly, to maintain a safe distance between the driver and the passengers, the company has launched Separator Films, which creates a barrier between the front occupants and the rear passengers, thereby enhancing their safety.

To know more about the health & hygiene range of accessories and services, customers can visit or call their nearest Tata Motors showroom or visit the website https://cars.tatamotors.com/.