Steelbird bullish on product expansion To roll out 35 new helmet variants in next quarter

Steelbird Hi-Tech India limited, Asia’s one of the largest Helmet manufacturer, is all set to expand its helmet range. The domestic manufacture of helmets and side boxes is working on a plan to launch 35 new variants of helmets in one go. Presently Steelbird boasts of approx over 52 models under Steelbird Group (Steelbird Helmets, Steelbird Air and Ares Brands). Each model has approximately over 20 variants. Apart from established Steelbird Brand the company has also launched Steelbird Air with 10 variants and Ares series with 2 models and 5 variants. Each brand has different models, USP’s, product specifications and caters to different customer segments.

With the launch of new models Steelbird will be home to the largest range of helmets under a single brand and will cover complete business pyramid with ethics of safety, quality, design & comforts. The new models would also includes product being exclusively designed for international market. Steelbird exporting helmets and accessories to international markets including countries like Pakistan, Africa, UAE, Shri Lanka etc . Steelbird is also mulling the option to bring few international brands to Indian market under brand licensing route in next fiscal.

Adding to the existing range the entries of new helmet models are “Award” and Rox Glossy. Also for the Bang Motocross series Steelbird plans one more variant by the name of Bang AIRBORNE. And for the flip-up series the variants will include Oscar-Magnetic and Oscar-matrix. Furthermore for the Steelbird Air Series- Freelive, Beast & Dunkin will be the variants.

“Looking at the current statics over  75%  to 80% of helmets used by two-wheeler riders across India either do not meet ISI standards or spurious ISI helmets, the market is flooded with sub-standard products that compromise on safety despite a fourth of all road deaths involve two-wheeler occupants. The estimated demand for helmets is around 100 million pieces per annum. We want to fill in this gap. Being the brand leader of the helmet industry, Steelbrid is currently enjoying approx 38 (%) market share in helmet industry with 3 state of art plants and a manufacturing capacity of 18000 helmets a day. Steelbird plans to come with the biggest helmet plant of the world in an endeavor to help do away with existing sub standard products.” Says Mr. Shailendra Jain, Global Group Head – Sales & Marketing, Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd.

Commenting further on the upcoming models Mr. Shailendra Jain said “Steelbird is constantly upgrading and in sync with the international standard and design as we have our designing and R&D team both in Italy and India. We are proud to add a whole new model range and add variants to existing series therefore expanding the option horizon for the riders. While committing to meet the protection needs we will also be laying emphasis on the style and the comfort. Our motive is to cover complete business pyramid which means mass customer to premium customer and the pricing will vary from from Rs. 859/- to  highest range which is Rs. 13,000/- .”

The upcoming models are extremely stylish with fantastic colors options & decals for connecting with the youth. A lot of R&D has been done on the new products development to meet the customer requirements.

Along with best quality and fast service to customers, Steelbird is also doing multiple ATL and BTL activities to promote brand to next level as India is a big market for Automobile and spending capacity of semi-urban and rural area is increasing day by day.

“At present Steelbird has PAN India presence with dealer/distributor network across India. Directly the brand is associated with 2000 + dealers/ distributors PAN INDIA and more than 10,000 retailers indirectly. Tier 2 and tier 3 cities are the main focus areas for complete coverage and growth in India. Globally, we plan to increase presence in South Asian countries, Gulf and Africa as these are emerging markets with lot of  potential for helmets with reference to helmet standards” Said Mr. Jain