ŠKODA sextet taking part in the 2016 Sachsen Classic

160817 ŠKODA 1100 MBX De Luxe

  • A total of six ŠKODAs are taking part in the iconic rally in Saxony
  • ŠKODA 430, ŠKODA FELICIA, ŠKODA 1100 MBX De Luxe, ŠKODA 130 RS, ŠKODA 110 R and ŠKODA FAVORIT ‘Monte Carlo Rally’ are among the large starting field of 180 teams of drivers
  • 14th Sachsen Classic is taking place from 18th-20th August 2016

It is considered to be the ‘Mille Miglia of the East’ – the Sachsen Classic. This year, ŠKODA is sending six ŠKODA icons to the beautiful roads of Saxony. The sextet of historic ŠKODA vehicles ranges from the 1926 ŠKODA 430 to the 1991 ŠKODA FAVORIT ‘Monte Carlo Rally’. The 14th Sachsen Classic begins on 18th August 2016 in Zwickau and ends two days later in Chemnitz after around 600 km. A total of 180 teams are participating.

151118 SKODA130RS 003

“One of the stages of this year’s Sachsen Classic will again pass through the Czech Republic, providing us with a great opportunity to evoke ŠKODA’s history in front of an enthralled crowd,” said Andrea Frydlová, manager of the ŠKODA Museum. “The wide variety of vehicles and the scenic route make the iconic rally a special event for ŠKODA. We are looking forward to impressing the many ŠKODA fans along the route with icons from the ŠKODA Museum and privately owned vehicles,” added Frydlová.

The 1926 ŠKODA 430 is racing in Saxony as the oldest classic ŠKODA. As the name suggests, the car is powered by a four-cylinder engine with a cylinder capacity of 1,661 cc and a power output of 30 PS. The ŠKODA FELICIA from 1969 is a popular vehicle at classic car rallies. The open motor car is one of the most coveted classic cars, similar to the rare two-door ŠKODA 1100 MBX De Luxe from 1969.

The three other ŠKODA icons taking part in the Sachsen Classic will also get the hearts of motorsport fans racing. The ŠKODA 130 RS from 1976 is a thoroughbred rally car and was one of the most successful rally cars of the 1970s and 80s. As well as in rallies, the 130 RS was also a staple of track races and won, among others, the 1981 European Touring Car Championship and the 1977 Monte Carlo Rally in the category for cars with a cylinder capacity of up to 1,300 cc.

Another reminder of ŠKODA’s motorsport successes at the 14th edition of the Sachsen Classic is the ŠKODA 110 R coupé from 1978. Under the bonnet beats a 1.1-litre engine with a power output of 52 PS.

ŠKODA’s presence is completed with a replica of the 1991 ŠKODA FAVORIT ‘Monte Carlo Rally’ rally car, whose year of manufacture marks this year’s 25th anniversary of the collaboration between ŠKODA and Volkswagen.

The 14th Sachsen Classic begins on Thursday 18th August at one minute past midday from the ‘Platz der Völkerfreundschaft’ in Zwickau with an approximately 125-km-long stage. A total of 180 participants will line up at the start this year. Awaiting them is a delightful and challenging route of around 600 kilometres of Saxony’s most beautiful roads. On Friday, participants will go for an all-day, approximately 250-kilometre-long drive through the Ore Mountains, including a short detour to the Czech Republic. They will reach the finishing line in Chemnitz on Saturday afternoon after a stage of approximately 230 kilometres.