Shell Lubricants celebrated the passion of biking with “Shell Advance Bikers Night” in Mumbai


Biking Enthusiasts from Maharashtra joined in to have a gala evening marked with great food and conversations

Celebrating the spirit and passion of biking, Shell Lubricants organized the “Shell Advance Bikers Night” in Mumbai this Saturday. The evening saw bike enthusiasts from biker clubs across Pune and Mumbai join the evening to share their experiences and love for biking.

As part of the brand’s initiative to develop a common platform to connect bikers from various walks of life, the Shell Advance Bikers Night looked at bringing experienced bikers and enthusiasts like Adil Dumasia, Reza Kazerroni and Ramesh Shukla to share their knowledge and interesting life experiences with the biker club members present at the evening.

Shell Advance also shared short films capturing the journey and philosophy of some of the biker clubs across Maharashtra as a part of the Club Connect initiative capturing #TheWinningIngredient of these clubs.

Some of the biker clubs that participated in the evening were:

  • Ducati Owners club
  • Inddie Thumpers
  • Royal Bulleteer Pune – RBP
  • Wanderlust Motorcycle club
  • DARK – Devils Angels Riders Klub
  • Iron Wheels Bullet Club