Shell Lubricants announces ‘The Future of Hydraulic Oils’ with Shell Tellus S2 MX and Shell Tellus S2 VX in India


Building on brand Shell Tellus’ legacy, launches Lubricants with new formulation as part of the first Global launch

Shell Lubricants, the global market share leader in finished lubricants, announced the launch of Shell Tellus S2 MX and Shell Tellus S2 VX- ‘The Future of Hydraulic Oils’ in India, at a press conference today. India marks the first leg of the global product launch which shall be followed by unveiling of the new products across Singapore, Thailand, China, S Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Australia and France markets to name a few.

The Shell Tellus range of hydraulic oils have been developed to enable equipment operators to select the fluid that will help to deliver optimum value to their operations through: wear protection, long fluid life, and system efficiency. The company has invested in R&D to upgrade the previous formulations and is now ready to roll-out the next generation hydraulic oils that offer significantly improved performance in these three areas. Shell Tellus S2 MX and Shell Tellus S2 VX are the upgraded formulations of the Shell Tellus S2 M and S2 V hydraulic fluids respectively. For customers, this amounts to more reliable and efficient equipment operation, which can help reduce unplanned downtime, lower maintenance costs, and contribute to savings in total cost of ownership (TCO)[1].

Speaking about Shell Lubricants’ latest offerings, Mr. Hans Gerdes, Shell Tellus Brand Manager, said, “As a global leader in hydraulic oils, at Shell, we take great pride in working closely with the leading OEMs, and developing products to fit their needs. For decades, Shell Tellus S2 hydraulic oils have set the industry benchmark for dependable lubricants that are trusted to deliver reliable equipment operations. Changes to equipment technology and operating conditions in recent years have placed increasing demands on the hydraulic oil. For example, demand for increased power output means equipment is often operating under higher loads and temperatures, which places increased stress on the hydraulic oil. In light of this, we have developed two upgraded formulations of Shell Tellus S2 hydraulic oils that deliver dramatically improved performance over the previous generation.”

“At Shell Lubricants, we are committed towards offering our valuable patrons with industry-leading products and services that add value to their operations. We work closely with OEMs, academic groups and industry bodies to understand the challenges faced by our customers. With this understanding, we invest in R&D of products that can help customers to reduce ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ of their equipment, by upgrading their lubrication. Over the past decade, we have worked rigorously towards upgrading our range of hydraulic oils to deliver sustainable business value for our customers and; are focused towards contributing to businesses by ensuring reduced equipment downtime, lower maintenance costs, and improved equipment productivity. The new generation of Shell Tellus S2 hydraulic oils – Shell Tellus S2 MX and Shell Tellus S2 VX – are a result of our continuous efforts and we are proud to introduce these to the market. In particular, our team is pleased to have India as the first leg of this global launch”, added Mr. Akhil Jha, Vice President Technical, Shell Lubricants India.

The new hydraulic oils are fully compatible with previous generation Shell Tellus S2 hydraulic oil and most other mineral oil based fluids in the market, making it easy for customers to introduce the new formulation to their equipment. The Shell Tellus range has been a successful lubricant partner in some of the largest projects across the world. From construction of the massive tunnels for the Beijing metro to helping one of the largest diggers in the world like Komatsu. Shell Tellus range of Hydraulic Oils have also been used in aiding two robotic arms – ‘Romeo’ and ‘Juliet’; to carry out complicated processes on the Ferrari’s engine production line, among others.

The new hydraulic oil formulations have been approved by all the major pump manufacturer OEMs, including Bosch Rexroth (for Shell Tellus S2 MX only), Parker Denison, and Eaton Vickers.

Some of the prominent OEMs present at the event included Mr. Vinay Bansod – Chief Technology Officer, Windsor and Mr. MP Saju – R&D Head, Toshiba.

The new Shell Tellus S2 MX and Shell Tellus S2 VX deliver TOST (Turbine Oil Stability Test) life of over 5’000 hours[2] –  three times that of typical industry and OEM limits, and double that of the previous generation of Shell Tellus S2 (2’500 h). This enables customers to operate their equipment for longer with fewer maintenance breaks, which can contribute to lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime. The condition and quality of the hydraulic fluid has a direct impact on the performance of the system. With excellent filterability[3], consistent water separation[4] and improved air release[5], Shell Tellus S2 MX and VX can help equipment meet or exceed its design capabilities and enhance equipment productivity, thereby increasing the time between maintenance cycles[6].

The new products will be available in India starting September 2016 and will be available in pack sizes of 209 litres and 20 litres.