Reaction quote from Grant Thornton: BS III vehicles

“Many automobile companies across the two wheeler, three wheeler and trucks left with a huge 8 lakh numbering stock pile up of BSIII vehicles (80% being two wheelers)  have been put in a situation by the supreme court by banning the sale and registration of BSIII vehicles after 31 March 2017. They are left with a few options to cut loss and get themselves out of this knot- sale of discounted vehicles ( very little time at their disposal to help them sell all or some of the stock), upgrade the BS III vehicles to BS IV ( this will involve cost ranging from a few thousands for 2 wheelers to a few 10K – 100k for larger vehicles) and finding markets outside of India in countries which are still plying with BS III vehicles or a combination of these to quickly come out of this mess. Going forward the message from the government is clear to work towards  BS VI by April 2020 and one wishes the OEM do not forget History and plan for an effective transitioning at that time.”