NNG discusses Global Trends for In-car Navigation

Leading navigation developer NNG exhibited some of its top navigation solutions from across the world to Indian car industry professionals.

With the navigation sector in India growing and evolving rapidly, there have been innumerable trends in the sector, coming from India and abroad.

NNG and its local strategic partner ANS, exhibited their VIP Technology Showroom to members of the Indian press and industry professionals. The showroom introduces a unique collection of the customised navigation solutions that NNG provides in India and countries around the world, such as Germany, China, Japan, United States and Hungary. NNG and ANS also took the time to highlight some of the top trends in the navigation sector. These trends included the emerging role that smartphones play in cars, as well as the evolution of infotainment design in cars, which is in response to a growing consumer expectation that cars have more connectivity with navigation and multimedia systems.

Integrating our digital life into the car 

The emergence of smartphone integration in cars has helped fuse the dependability of embedded automotive solutions and the connectivity of smartphones.This integration maximizes consumer appeal and overcomes connected device reliability issues, while simultaneously minimizing security threats and driver distraction. These technologies also aim to make in-car software updates as easy as updating apps on smartphones. Such a solution can combine the advantages of having stable, readily available in-car navigation, and having a smartphone that provides the headunit with fresh updates, thus making the map update method easier.

At the forefront of this technology, NNG has developed a feature set called NavFusion, which is designed to bridge the gapbetween smartphone life cycles and the infotainment system. NavFusionsynchronizes personal data with the car’s infotainment system and enables the navigation system to adapt to the driver’s lifestyle, whether this means identifying and saving your favourite restaurant, your work commute, or your gym. This synchronization offers the driver myriad personalised solutions. 

Enhancing driver experience

Further enhancing the driving experience and taking the first step towards a completely automated car is the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). The goal of this system is to help automate lighting and breaking, provide adaptive cruise control, incorporate GPS/traffic warnings, connect vehicles to smartphones, make drivers aware of nearby cars or dangers, prevent the driver from drifting out of lanes, and open up blind spots. Industry leaders across the globe are researching this promising trend, and NNG exhibited its solutions in this area. Thanks to this emerging trend driving becomes safer while the in car systems are getting more integrated with the environment, the traffic conditions and with other cars on the road.

Decreasing driver distraction

Another topic of discussion at the NNG-ANS demo room was the future of the in-car HMI (Human machine interface) experience. Today it has become increasingly important to optimize the car’s infotainment system in a way that accommodates the driver’s preferred style of driving. This necessitates a comprehensive HMI  design that harmonizes things like mobile devices, multiple screens, navigation systems, vehicle-specific technology, and other technological solutions, while decrease drive distraction and making driving safer. NNG has been at the forefront of this trend and has recently acquired an American company to increase investments in this market and help make the driving experience more integrated and more enjoyable.

Peter Bolesza, Vice President of Emerging Markets at NNG, said, “Our goal is to maintain our leading position in technological innovationsin the navigation industry. As technology evolves every day, our aim is to bring the most up-to-date and user-friendly solutions to India, and to shape the local navigation industry in accordance with the latest trends.”


NNG develops cutting edge infotainment and navigation software for the global automotive market. The company offers on-board, 3D navigation applications that incorporate connected features and a universal online update portal. NNG’s goal is to make in-car infotainment and navigation easy, fun, safe and integrated through all communication devices for everybody on board. Unique features and advanced technology, combined with a high level of flexibility, enable fast time-to-market at a low cost.

The award winning iGO Navigation Software is currently installed in more than 20 million devices worldwide with over 30 million signed orders from 34 global car brands. NNG continues to strengthen its global footprint through 11 offices around the world, including Hungary, Japan (2x), the United States (3x), Switzerland, Australia, Israel, India, and China.

NNG is the recent recipient of the 2013/14 European Business Award, winning ”Growth Strategy of the Year”, and has won numerous product awards through its partners.

To find out more about NNG please visit www.nng.com. For more information about iGO Navigation products, visit www.igonavigation.com.