National Energy Conservation Day Quote – TVS Motor Company

“At TVS Motor Company, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our products.  Our focus across our production system, logistics and supply chain has been to reduce emissions and be energy efficient.  With an aim to live in harmony with nature and ensuring long-term sustainability, TVS has undertaken initiatives like efficiency improvement, technology upgradation, optimisation of loads, alternate methods using non-conventional resources and by eliminating waste.

Our efforts towards reduction of carbon footprint started in 2013 with reduction of emission as the first step, followed by incorporation of renewable energy (wind and solar) towards ideal state image of RE 100. These initiatives of renewable energy resulted in CO2 emission reduction of about 60,000 tons during 2019-20.  In 2019-20, renewable energy contributed to 76% (69% wind and 7% solar) of overall TVSM power consumption.  Additionally, we have augmented the 5.1 MW roof top solar photo‑voltaic [PV] capacity with an additional capacity of 0.8 MW & wind power by addition of 3.7 MW   during 2019 -20. This helped in increasing the overall solar energy contribution from 5 to 7% & wind power share from 55% to 69% of the total energy consumption. TVS Motor Company will continue to make continuous improvements to maximise green energy adoption and we will undertake all efforts to be energy efficient for a greener tomorrow.”