Mobile growth shaping India’s internet usage – Google India report


Fuels growth of hyperlocal services, expands usage beyond metros, powers adoption of newer services online

Outlining the key consumer trends based on the enormity of the impact of smartphones across Industries, Google India has put out a report which captures the incredible pace of Internet growth that India is witnessing. The report captures how mobile is influencing and in many cases defining Indian users first experience with the Internet.

Calling out mobile as the growth engine for the Internet Industry, the report outlines how mass adoption of mobile phones is driving adoption of newer services, becoming the primary screen for consumption of media and defining the new user experiences. With over 200 Million mobile internet users in the country, mobile captured 60% share of all shopping related queries and over 50% share of all travel related queries. Even for YouTube, over 60% of views were now coming from mobile. In the classifieds space, online job listings saw revival with over 41% job related searches coming from mobile phones.

With users adopting hyperlocal services, buying beauty products and furniture online, the report highlights the evolving behavior of the Indian users on the Internet, with growing confidence to shop online. In 2015, 50% of women who shop online, purchased beauty products on the Internet. Home furnishing saw 57% y-o-y growth in search queries on Google and hyperlocal services seeing fast adoption in metros registering 32% y-o-y growth in search queries.

“From planning holidays, to decorating homes, to buying groceries, watching their favorite videos online, mobile internet is beginning to influence, and in many cases define, an Indian user’s first experience online- and the Industry is taking notice. It is exciting to see, for example, how Search interest for cars is seeing a strong correlation to actual sales. 2015 saw whole new categories such as Hyperlocal, Standardized Accommodation getting established as mainstream, while others like Digital Payments and Cab Services found a strong foothold-all powered by the internet and mobile. Looking at these trends, it is clear that the Indian users are embracing the Internet like never before.” said Rajan Anandan, VP & Managing Director, Google India.

With tier 2 cities driving the next wave of growth driven from smartphones, 2015 saw adoption of Internet by older age groups seeking diverse variety of information and embracing new age platforms. Used car searches from non-metros grew rapidly, with 3 in 4 searches for used car searches coming from tier 2 cities. Real estate searches from tier 2 cities saw massive growth seeing 100% y-o-y growth. In the pre-owned category, searches for used cars formed the largest share with 7 in 10 searches coming in for used cars.

With growing Internet penetration, the Industry also evolved its offerings to serve the needs of online users. Easy to adopt products introduced by banking and insurance companies saw immediate adoption with 1 in 4 users buying auto insurance online. Over 50% of health insurance queries came from mobile phones. Omnichannel and multiplatform experience in eCommerce is fast becoming a reality, with online players launching their offline stores and offline retailers extending their presence on the Internet. Telcos also introduced new convenient services aimed to increase customer satisfaction and engagement, with telecom service provider’s apps seeing over 170% y-oy growth in search queries.

Consumer demand pulse as indicated by interest expressed online in form searches on Google by verticals for year 2015.

Wearables – 250% growth in searches y-o-y

4G devices – 200% growth in searches y-o-y

Car rentals – 60% growth in searches y-o-y

Cab services – 86% growth in searches y-o-y

Carpooling & ridesharing – 173% growth in searches y-o-y

Home Furnishing – 57% growth in searches y-o-y

Online Dating – 50% growth in searches y-o-y

Auto: 40% – Used vehicles query growth 200%

Real estate – 40% growth in real estate searches

Job related searches – 45% growth in blue collared job

How to queries for FMCG products – 100% growth in searches y-o-y

Online Shopping – 40% growth in searches y-o-y

Hyperlocal Grocery searches – 55% growth in searches y-o-y

Budget hotels – 42% growth in searches y-o-y

Online education – 30% growth in searches y-o-y

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Report_ The Year in Search 2015