Mercedes-Benz India pursues its ‘After-Sales Service Excellence’ drive; associates with Continental Tyres to offer the unique Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres

  • Two global brands joins hand to create ‘service excellence’ by enhancing customer satisfaction in the replacement market by offering ‘MercedesBenz Approved Tyres’ supplied by Continental Tyres
  • Added safety and comfort, end-to-end customer support and reduced cost of ownership are hallmark of these tyres
  • The association with Continental Tyres will help Mercedes-Benz to introduce a range of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified tyres for the current product offering that offers high performance, comfort and safety for customers
  • Customers will now have the convenience of replacement services under one roof, in addition to availability of tyres from an authentic source with assured quality at a reasonable price
  • Customers can also avail benefit of services from the technicians who have proven expertise in tyre fitment, wheel balancing and alignment with the use of state-of-art equipment and latest technologies
  • Significant reduction in turn-around time: Each technical concern will be addressed through a single window for a faster resolution
  • Globally, Continental is renowned for its German Engineering and high technological expertise in the production of high performance tyres
  • All Continental tyres have robust structure and Design providing increased durability | The technical specifications of these tyres are highly suited to derive the best performance from Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Pune: In its endeavour to create an unmatched After-Sales experience, India’s largest luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz India today, announced its association with Continental Tyres to offer a range of ‘Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres’. The association with Continental Tyres is pivotal in introducing the range of high performance Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres, to the currently available range of high-end product offering from the brand with the Three Pointed Star. MercedesBenz India also chose Continental Tyres as ‘the preferred tyre supplier for the year 2017’ for supplying to the replacement market across its dealerships.

Mercedes-Benz flagship programme, ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ launched in 2016, aims to completely redefine the after-sales experience by digitalizing service process and create unparalleled benchmark in the luxury car service domain. The launch of ‘Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres’ is integral to this after-sales initiative, ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ campaign. ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ aims at enhancing the customer’s ownership experience manifold, thus making after-sales experience as the new differentiator in the luxury car segment. With the launch of this programme, the launch of ‘Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres’ will be pivotal in enhancing the overall ownership for the discerning customer and underline the success of ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ initiative even further.

Commenting on the association, Roland Folger, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “At Mercedes-Benz, we are committed to enhance the After-Sales experience of our customers, as we believe, service excellence will be the key differentiator in the luxury car industry. With this conviction, we introduced the innovative and successful ‘My Mercedes, My Service’ programme in 2016, and  today the introduction of the ‘Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres’ in association with our global partners Continental Tyres, is an extension of our customer centricity even further. This strategic collaboration firmly reiterates our unwavering commitment towards achieving service excellence in the luxury automotive segment. The technologically advanced Mercedes-Benz vehicles also enjoy the lowest cost of ownership in the luxury car segment, and this strategic initiative will go a long way in further reducing cost of ownership and enhancing customer satisfaction.”

Philipp von Hirschheydt, Exec. VP/BU PLT RE APAC Continental Tyres state, “We are extremely proud and honoured for being chosen as “Preferred Tyre Supplier” by Mercedes Benz India. It is an excellent reflection of our collaboration and partnership with Mercedes Benz globally. Our team has been persistently working to provide the highest quality tyres with innovative features to complement Mercedes Benz’s great products. And today, we are even more motivated to intensify our efforts in keeping pace with changing paradigms of the automotive industry, together with Mercedes Benz, in order to serve the discerning and premium segment of customers in India. Continental is known for both its German Engineering and high technological expertise in the production of high performance tyres globally which is confirmed by its significant presence in the OEMs & replacement markets. In an endeavour to meet the Mercedes-Benz’s customers’ needs & expectations in India, we will be bringing our expertise and experiences from other APAC and EU markets as we are already having similar arrangements with Mercedes Benz in these markets.”

Customer Convenience:

Mercedes-Benz dealerships will be a one-shop stop for the entire process of tyre changing. The highly trained Mercedes-Benz technicians will provide their expertise in tyre fitment, wheel balancing and alignment, as these are the people who know the technicalities of Mercedes-Benz cars best, and the entire process will be laced with the use of latest equipment and technology. Mercedes-Benz India will also support on all technical concerns by addressing them through a single window for faster resolutions.

Mercedes-Benz Approved high quality tyres:  

All Mercedes-Benz Approved Continental tyres have the highest quality with innovative features to complement the high performance products from MercedesBenz. The technical specifications of these tyres matches the specifications suited for technologically advanced Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Continental Tyres also focus on the most important aspects during tyre development like safety, which equates grip and short braking distance; and also superlative comfort enabling a quiet and smooth ride.

Benefits of Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres have the following benefits: 

1. All Continental passenger tyres are asymmetric.

  • Inner edge: Optimised for comfort with siping & special shoulder groove designs
  • Outer edge: Denser & optimised for handling & braking performance

2. All Continental passenger tyres have silica compound technology

  • Each tyre has its own unique compound, just for that tyre
  • Silica reduces rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency & lower CO2 emissions
  • It also helps the tyre stop much shorter in the wet than a standard tyre compound

3. ContiSportContact 5, 5P & 5 SUV range of tyres also come with Black Chilli compound that provides fast and short braking on both wet and dry roads. The tyres are also equipped with Continental noise breaker technology, which reduces audible road noise, and improves the comfort level in the cabin.