Making Your Car Pay for Its EMI

Acquiring a vehicle is a great step in life, a reflection of stability and accomplishment. It also gives you complete mobility and freedom – suddenly those impromptu weekend drives are not just wishful thinking anymore. At the same time, new car prices can be quite intimidating, especially when you do not want to compromise on features.

With increasing costs in all other aspects of life, ‘buy car’ is something we push down the list because of the sheer enormity of investment required. The EMIs will loom every month, and you might find yourself in a position where you are cutting corners just to pay them off. But that is not going to happen anymore. Lately, informed car buyers have been making this dream come true, while balancing their expenditures.

The Zoomcar Associate Program or ZAP initiative offers you the chance to own your dream car and negotiate hefty EMIs by listing it on the rental platform. This way you can literally make your car earn back its own costs, without compromising your own lifestyle. Many happy ZAPsters earn back up to Rs 20000 a month, which not only covers their car EMIs but also brings in additional income. Now, who doesn’t like the extra money?

You can take Zoomcar’s help in buying your new car and get special rates. The company has a great relationship with India’s top car manufacturers like Hyundai, Maruti, Tata, Mahindra, and more. You will also have access to a large network of financiers so you can get the best auto loan rates to help you along.

There are a few simple prerequisites before you join the ZAPster bandwagon. The car you buy will need to be registered as a commercial vehicle under Zoomcar. This is a compliance requirement which also protects you from any liability when it is listed on the platform. The car needs to be installed with Cadabra, a proprietary tool which monitors car performance and sends you alerts to aid you with preventive maintenance. Cadabra can help you save thousands of rupees on repairs with its smart monitoring.

The advantage of being a ZAPster is that you have total control on the listing period. Are you someone who needs to use the car only on weekdays? You can give it to Zoomcar on the weekends then. Cars are not driven all the time. As it lies idle in the parking lot, its value is depreciating every second while you are still paying off those EMIs on its premium rate. By listing it on Zoomcar instead of keeping it idle, you are giving yourself a huge financial boost. The listing process is done on an app, and there is no need for you to interact with customers. You can also track your car all the time as it is GPS enabled.

Owning a car has always been the great Indian middle-class dream. Now, aspiring young professionals consider it an essential asset. You too can be a proud car owner. The shared economy is here to stay. Become a ZAPster. Enjoy the privileges of car-ownership, and earn extra income too.