Insure your joyrides:’s latest TVC has a humorous take on renewing your bike insurance instantly

Latest TVC by Coverfox and BBH aims at catching the attention of bike owners on the importance of renewing bike insurance in a quirky yet hard hitting messaging

Mumbai, February 13, 2017:, India’s leading online insurance portal today launched a humorous commercial on television to sensitise bike owners about timely renewal of insurance and the ease that portal offers while purchasing the insurance policy online.  Conceptualised and executed by BBH India, the objective of the campaign is to convey that insurance can be bought in a quick and hassle free manner through Coverfox’s portal in flat 4 minutes with almost no paperwork.

Targeting two wheeler owners specifically, the video is a satirical take on the perils of avoiding or procrastinating renew of one’s vehicle insurance that too on time.

[1]As per industry estimates, two-wheelers have a formidable presence on roads, constituting 70% of all vehicles in the country.  Although vehicle insurance is mandatory in India, most of the two-wheeler owners ply on roads with lapsed insurance or no insurance, putting themselves and others at a risk.

“At, we have dramatically simplified the bike insurance renewal process, where a customer can renew his bike insurance completely online, in under 4 minutes through our portal, that too without any paperwork. If the users can recognise that bike insurance can be purchased instantly, there would be less number of lapsed policy cases or procrastination. The campaign video tries to bring alive this process of ease, simplicity and speed in a different but complementing ways across in the TVC”, said Jaimit Doshi, the Chief Marketing Officer of

Speaking about the campaign, Russell Barrett, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer at BBH India said, “Creating campaigns for Coverfox is always great fun. It is our opportunity to make engaging, sharp films in a category known for safe work. This film builds on the premise that getting insured through Coverfox is actually ‘faster than disaster.’ The brand has come embody a certain refreshing quirkiness in storytelling and it helps us further stand out amongst the crowd.”

Arvind Krishnan, Managing Director, BBH India added, “One of our key competitors in this category is consumer apathy. People just don’t care enough, even though it is legally a requirement. We had to create work that demands attention, and importantly rewards attention. On Coverfox, we create work that continues to do just that. The initial results are very encouraging. Coverfox is being rewarded for investing in difference and good ideas. Which of course, is good for us as well.

TVC Credits

  • Agency – BBH
  • Chief Creative Officer – Russell Barrett
  • Managing Director: Arvind Krishnan
  • Creative Director (Art) – Ajmal Mohammad
  • Head of Production: Khvafar Vakharia
  • Business Director: Monideepa Nandi
  • Business Partner: Vivek Krishnaswamy
  • Business Partner: Priyanka Samant
  • Business Partner: Aishwarya Sundaram
  • Production House: Monastery Films
    • Director: Nishant Gangadharan
    • Producer: Swati Shahabadi

The TVC describes scenario from everyday life:

TVC: Two friends are spending time together in a roadside joint. The one sitting opposite the road spots a road roller being reversed in the direction where his friend’s bike is parked. Sensing the danger, he asks his friend if he has renewed his bike insurance, and during the conversation directs him to Coverfox’s portal for quick work. By the time the road roller hits his bike, the bike owner finishes renewing the bike insurance. The ad ends with a witty message by the friend saying well done on renewing bike insurance through

Watch the ad here: