Indizel – A Revolutionary Fuel Engineered To Enhance The Overall Performance Of The Engine

~A Fuel Engineered To Lower The Vehicles Emissions Leading To A Better Environment~

 5th May, 2017, Mumbai: My Eco Energy, is a pioneer company aiming to make renewable fuel accessible and affordable in India by launching its product Indizel. Indizel is a revolutionary fuel made from renewable vegetable oils. It is currently the only fuel in India that meets Euro 6 requirements, making it the greenest fuel in India.

Diesel is widely used in today’s day and age, however the fuel comes with several ill effects on health and environment causing severe pollution. MEE provides an innovative solution to fuel in the form of Indizel. Indizel is a non-petroleum based fuel that will not only result in low emission but will also go a long way in ensuring sustainable energy. The product has been an innovative engine to conform and surpass stringent automotive fuel quality standards and is fully compatible with existing fuel infrastructure, distribution systems and engines.

Indizel burns cleaner than petroleum- based fuels, which results in lower emissions of carbon-monoxide, particulate matter and unburned hydrocarbons. Generally fuels contain sulphur at a quantity of 500 ppm (parts per million) however Indizel contains sulphur at a quantity of less than 10 ppm. The reduction in the emission of sulphur leads to varied environmental benefits as the vehicles emit less polluted smoke. This overall leads to a healthier environment, thus resulting in reduction of health problems.

My Eco Energy (MEE) also aims at converting already functional traders in other segments like grocery, supermarkets, hotels, motels, malls etc., to invest and become an Indizel Retailer. The fuel station models are multi-functional and can be set up in their existing business premises or a stand-alone premises.  Training, equipment and guidance from experts to start an Indizel fuel station will also be provided by the company in order to maximise storage efficiency and safety.

To enhance consumer convenience, Indizel will be widely available in three formats through MEE’s flexible models namely Urban, Sub- Urban and Highway. The Urban fuel stations are designed specially with well-designed simple structures and notable advantages like quick fuelling and check-out. Sub-Urban model is best suited for spacious plots. The Highway outlets, have all desired amenities of a highway traveller such as ample space for big vehicles, convenience store, rest areas, and mechanics. This venture is beneficial for the investor as it has one time investment with ripe returns. Apart from benefiting the retailer, Indizel is also profitable to the customer as it is always priced lower than the market diesel rate.

Mr. Santosh Verma, Co-founder, My Eco Energy says, “Indizel is a preferred diesel as it is made from the biodegradable products. This initiative will bring value to the industry and communities, helping them solve some of today’s most pressing environmental concerns. It is not only a better alternative to ordinary diesel but is economical and suitable for the vehicle as it offers better fuel efficiency, ensuring a smoother ride as better lubricity provides longer engine life.”


My Eco Energy is emerging with a mission of sustainable development which aims at delivering the best possible outcome of fuelling experience. They to take a wide-ranging move towards the best locations to structure our leading brand Indizel, which is good for your engine, environment, and pocket too. The mission is to deliver a premium quality low emission which is a currently Euro VI compliant fuel at lower prices.  MEE intends to provide a very high quality fuel through its network of fuel stations across the country; at conventional and unconventional locations to provide convenience to our consumers. MEE has also designed a strategic positioning for the fuel stations, to ensure high volume consumption.


Indizel is the cleanest fuel introduced in Indian Market which meets European ( EN 590 EURO 6 ), and BIS ( IS 1460 ) Bharat stage VI strictest fuel quality requirements collating with World Wide Fuel Charter ( WWFC – Worldwide Fuel Charter ) category 4 requirements and later on they aim to meet category 5 requirements also. INDIZEL is a superior quality fuel engineered to maximize diesel engine performance. It conforms to Petroleum diesel (HSD) EN590 and BIS 1460 specification for use with existing infrastructure, distribution systems and engines INDIZEL outperforms other market available diesel(s) in performance, emissions, mileage, price, and value.