India’s First AI-enabled, Cloud-Connected Scooter FLOW launched at INR 74,740

Pre-booking to commence from 8 Feb 2018

New Delhi: Keeping its commitment to offer technologically futuristic Mobility  products to the new, emerging India, Twenty Two Motors Pvt. Ltd., easily one of the most `ahead of time’ automobile companies here, today launched FLOW – a super smart electric 2-wheeler, priced at INR 74,740. The Pre-booking of this smart vehicle will commence from 8th Feb 2018. FLOW is enabled by Artificial Intelligence and is designed to fulfill the needs and desires of the new-age commuters.

Elated on the launch, Parveen Kharb, CEO and  Co-Founder, Twenty-Two Motors said, “We are extremely happy and excited  today. Flow, our first and flagship product, is way ahead of time, not just for the Indian market but also several international markets. Electric Mobility is the future of the world – a near future; not distant. The Government of India has the vision of making the country electrically mobile. We are more than aligned with this mission, rather ahead of it.”

FLOW, by Twenty Two Motors, has the most advanced smart solutions for commuters in crowded, gridlocked cities who want the freedom of efficient personal transportation – without the hassle, costs or environmental impact.

The smart vehicle ushers in a host of features for the smart and modern urban commuter, suited for Indian roads. While the company was established in 2016, the Research and Development has been carried out for an extensive period of time. The Smart Electronic Vehicle is connected to cloud server throughout the time, thus ensuring that user can keep an eye on systems performance even when the user is a thousand miles away. Servers analyses data through complex data analytic algorithms and suggest any upcoming service requirements. As the vehicle performs, aggregate rider and vehicle data helps with customized vehicle updates that are delivered automatically on the touch dashboard display. User centric mobile application provides one touch solution to control every aspect of vehicle. The user can track the vehicle remotely, while the in-built Geo-Fencing allows security against theft. Vehicle automatically alerts the vehicle owner, once the vehicle is beyond the defined geographical boundaries, whereby the owner can shut it down using the smart APP.

The vehicle weighs approximately 85 kg and is equipped with a DC motor, which is powered by a Lithium Ion Battery, which can be charged within a short span of 5 hours and can travel through a distance of more than 80kms with an unmatched speed of 60 KMPH, with a single charging session. The product will be available with an option of dual battery at the higher end. FLOW is facilitated with numerous features such as telescopic suspension, in-built mobile charger and sufficient storage space for 2 helmets.

Mr. Vijay Chandrawat COO and Co-founder added  , “We are the only company in the world to provide matchless features such as state-of-art sensors, smart features, lithium ion storage, and Internet of Things. FLOW is the most convenient way to travel providing you ample range for your daily travel. Imagine never going to a gas station again. To start with, we plan to sell over 2  lac units in the first 36 months of the launch.”

Twenty Two Motors will be coming up with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bhiwadi, Haryana and will be operational by Q2 2018. Company will roll out 50,000 vehicles per year with an investment of about USD 70 million over a period of 2.5 years.  The facility will be more than 3.5 Lac Sq Ft in area.

Headquartered out of Manesar, Twenty Two Motors will be opening its first Experience Centre in Gurgaon. Going forward, the company intends to keep the expansion momentum going by increasing their presence in all the metro cities.

Important Features of Twenty Two Motors- FLOW


DISK BRAKES – Twin disk brakes have been integrated with electronic braking system to ensure a smooth and quick halt.

ELECTRIC BREAKING SYSTEM (EBS) – Intelligent Electronic braking system (EBS) not only ensures better braking but also generates power to charge battery each time you brake

DIGITAL SPEEDO – Smart digital speedometer

FOC – BLDC motor packs an unbelievable power to provide best in category Torque.


MORE SPACE – No engine means more space: 24L Boot Space


PORTABLE BATTERY-  CHARGING- Can be charged in any 5 ampere plug. TIME- 5 Hrs to charge. DISTANCE- 160 kms with dual and 80Kms with single battery  in full charge. WIRELESS BATTERY- First in class. WARRANTY- 50,000 Kms


AI- System has taken full advantage of various sensors and real time connectivity which has been integrated within the scooter. Servers analyse data through complex data analytic algorithms and suggest any upcoming service requirement.

SMART APP – User centric mobile application provides you one touch solution to control every aspect of vehicle.

GEOFENCING – You can now define your own territory. Vehicle will automatically alert you once its outside your defined geographical boundaries.

DRAG MODE- Drag mode enables the scooter to move along at walking speed, in case you have a puncture and want to push it

CRUISE CONTROL- Cruise control helps to keep vehicle running on a steady speed, irrespective of the conditions and the terrain.

 REVERSE MODE- The mode allows you to move the scooter backwards

CRUISE CONTROL- Cruise control helps to keep vehicle running on a steady speed.

SOS- If you find yourself in a situation where you need to contact in emergency, SOS Mode on the FLOW could be a lifesaver. With a click of a SOS button on the smart scooter will send message and your location to the registered numbers

About twenty Two Motors

Established in 2016, Twenty Two Motors Pvt. Ltd. is a new-age smart electric vehicle innovator. The company focuses on developing advanced connected electric vehicles and change the urban landscape by providing powerful, smart vehicles to the technology-savvy generation. The technology is enabled with artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, seamlessly supported with real-time connectivity to cloud. The integrated application provides a glimpse into the vehicle functioning at any point, even when the user is miles away. The innovator aims to make electric vehicles advanced, powerful and affordable for the next generation. The company believes in designs comprising elegance and simplicity although ensuring maximum performance and safety while constantly infusing technology in automobiles.