Eicher Trucks & Buses strengthens their reefer trucks segment

9551115_Eicher Ice Expo Mumbai_EditedEicher Trucks & Buses; the leading brand from VE Commercial Vehicles has strengthened its presence in cold chain logistics sector through the expansion of its product portfolio and showcasing of a series of reefer trucks in the Pro 1000 and 6000 category. These include –introduction of Pro 1059XP reefer, Pro1110XP reefer & Pro6025 reefer. With these,Eicher is now ready to provide fully built –ready to use solutions for cold chain logistics.

The concept of fully built reefer is to provide complete solution under one roof to the end consumer. Also, it provides ARAI approved design, OEM built reliable and durable tested design. This range of products will come in 14ft, 20ft and 24ft options. These heavy- duty truck types range from a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 7 tonnes to 25 tonnes with a minimized fuel consumption.


  1. India’s 1st highly fuel efficient Pro reefer truck series.·
  2. Best in Class Vehicle lifetime Profitabilty.·
  3. Technologically finest (Mileage ka baadshah truck chassis, efficient oasis 250 reefer unit, renowned surakasha puf containers).·
  4. Hassle free buying with single invoice for Fully built up container.·
  5. Easy Finance on completely built unit·
  6. OEM tested and OEM build quality.·
  7. Easy aftermarket support & warranty.

 Eicher has been providing truck chasis to various key logistic players in the industry for building reefer container. However, assessing the rising demand, Eichertook a step further to provide completely built solution under a single roof. The highlights of these reefer trucks include the new refrigeration unit which has an operating temperature range of “-25 deg C to +25 deg C under ambient conditions of +50 deg C. The Eicher Pro refrigerated trucks are designed to keep the products fresh suited to varied applications.

Speaking at India Cold Chain Exhibition 2015 on the opportunity for reefer logistics segment and industry growth, Mr. P Ravishankar, Executive Vice President VE Commercial Vehicles said, “The launch of Eicher reefer range of trucks is an important landmark in our consistent history of meeting the growing customer requirements. We are methodically expanding our product portfolios and reinforcing our expertise in various segments.  We hope to continue introducing chains of new offerings in newer this spaces going forward.”

Product Features

Eicher Pro 1110XP has an E413 BS-III engine with a power of 115 PS at 2800 RPM and a maximum torque of 400 Nm at 1400-1600 RPM. It has a fuel tank capacity of 190 Lts with a unique gearbox of ET 4055 – 5 forward and 1 reverse and a 310 mm diameter clutch and an impressive battery of 12V-100 Ah. The variant has a 2m wider aerodynamic cabin which comes with a modern styling that’s almost a  PEGASUS family look alike. It comes with a larger 4300 mm wheelbase and a 26% gradeability and 220 mm ground clearance.

Eicher Pro 1059 XP is available with E413 BS-III engine, 3515 mm wheelbase and a 60 Lts capacity of fuel tank. The engine produces a max power of 95 PS at 2800 RPM and a max torque of 285 Nm at 1400-1600 RPM. This truck also has features like a gear box of ET 30SS – 5 forward and 1 reverse with a clutch size of 275 mm and chassis of ladder type joggled frame. It is known for its 26% gradeability and a battery of 12V- 100Ah with a 2m wider capacity of modern Aeroynamic cabin with a PEGASUS Family look having a 210 mm ground clearance.

Eicher Pro 6025 is equipped with VEDX5, 5 Litre BSIII engine with a max power of 210 hp at 2200 RPM and a torque of 825 Nm at 200-1600 RPM. Along with a powerful engine, it uses a 24V battery, 5300 mm wheelbase, a very efficient ET9056, 6 forward and 1 reverse gearbox having a larger clutch size of 395 mm with a truck chassis of ladder type joggled frame with 285 X 76 X 7 mm. It has a sleeper cabin with 4 point suspension with a gradeability of 22.5 %. The truck also has a 415 Lts of fuel tank capacity and 265 mm ground clearance.

India’s temperature controlled logistic sector is poised to grow with the organized retail setups, ­ in consumption of temperature sensitive perishable goods. The growth is coming from various other sectors not only as QSR, pharmaceuticals, fruits and vegetables, confectionery and dairy industry. Hence, Eicher with a proud tradition of developing good quality products and service support system strives to provide right fit products catering to the commercial needs of the consumers.