Chevrolet launches Drive with Care Initiative


Aims to create awareness around Road Safety during monsoon

To create awareness amongst motorists and promote road safety during monsoon, Chevrolet India today launched the Drive with Care initiative. As a part of this campaign, Chevrolet will release a video showing the innovative road signs using hydrophobic paint (that can only be seen when wet) at work on YouTube, Facebook and other media channels to help make road safety a top of mind concern for everyone, especially during this time of the year.

A dedicated campaign page on the Chevrolet website will be created to educate the public with insights on traffic accidents and tips on what pedestrians and drivers can do to be safer on the road during rainy days.

“At Chevrolet, one of our key value is to keep the customers at the centre of everything and the monsoon season is just one of the several opportunities to connect, engage and educate them on the importance of being careful on road. As a global brand that considers safety as one its highest priorities, Chevrolet takes a comprehensive and innovative approach to road safety, aimed at keeping everyone on the road – drivers, passengers and pedestrians, ‘Safe’. With the‘Drive with Care’ film, which hits hard at the road safety issue, we aim to create awareness amongst the people and bring about the attitudinal change to be safe on the road and to care for others at the same time. The campaign gives on-road insights and urges you to think and ponder over your approach towards road safety.” said, Jack Uppal, VP Marketing and Customer Care, General Motors.

The company recently commissioned a study on road accidents in Mumbai, conducted by Nielsen and ValueNotes to learn more about road accidents during the monsoon season. The studies helped create awareness by identifying major accident prone zones/areas in the city during monsoon, reason behind these accidents and other statistics on the number of accidents, particularly during monsoon months.

To promote the campaign, safety messages saying Drive with Care with wet paints and stencils will be painted in select residential area that will appear whenever it rains, touching all the families around and educating them to be more careful while driving during the monsoons.

The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness among motorists to maintain their cars during the rains. With the onset of monsoon, Chevrolet India had also launched Monsoon Service Camps that offered services to ensure safe driving in the monsoon season. The services provided included a special quick free check-up of items such as brakes, light bulbs, electrical, battery and tyres. In addition to the free front wiper blades distributed, there were discounts on parts and labour charges to ensure their vehicles are well maintained and safe to drive.

Chevrolet is known for its commitment to customer care, through its leading Chevrolet Compete Care service. However, the ‘Drive with Care’ initiative demonstrates that Chevrolet is committed to caring not just for its customers, but to all road users, by taking real, on-the-ground action to make streets safer everyone sharing the road.

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