Chevrolet initiated on-ground activation for the “Drive with Care – Protect Your Precious” Campaign

~ Meet the Chevrolet Safety Ninjas; Chevrolet’s little Ninja mascots to raise awareness around Child Safety~

Mumbai: Progressing further on the ‘Drive with Care – Protect your precious’ campaign, Chevrolet India initiated on-ground activities as a part of an extensive awareness drive. The on-ground activation include deployment of Safety Ninjas at malls and schools across – Delhi and Mumbai.

Giving considerable attention to reinstate child safety measures on roads, the campaign went live on digital platforms earlier this month.

Chevrolet has taken an innovative approach towards road safety, underscoring certain essential road safety measures, the negligence of which has become the major reason for the increasing number of road accidents today. To reach out to parents and kids, a group of tiny tots (Chevrolet Safety Ninjas) were positioned at Phoenix Market City, Kurla and Goregoan Sports Club in Mumbai who persuaded them to take the Chevrolet Tiny Safety Challenge. The initiation included safety quizzes, contests and other engaging activities. The Ninjas also urged the parents to take a pledge online to consciously ensure their child’s safety.

The Protect Your Precious campaign features four Safety Ninjas, Chevrolet’s mascots to promote child safety – Buckle Ninja, Child Seat Ninja, Lock Ninja and Rear Seat Ninja. The Safety Ninjas will sensitize parents and kids on the need to inculcate safety measures on a daily basis. A campaign video with the Safety Ninjas will also be released on YouTube, Facebook and other media channels to create awareness.

Chevrolet has also tied up with 35 schools in Delhi and 15 schools in Mumbai to ensure a widespread messaging across the target audience.

“As a global brand that considers safety as our overriding priority, it is important for us to promote safe driving habits amongst all. Bearing in mind, the increasing stats on death polls due to road accidents, Chevrolet is taking forward its brand commitment, with the Drive with Care-Protect your Precious campaign. This initiative will focus on safety of the kids and will enhance awareness on the importance of Child Safety when on roads and we thought who better to stoke awareness about Child Safety than children themselves.” said, Jack Uppal, VP Marketing and Customer Experience, Chevrolet India.

Every child has the right to grow up in a healthy and safe environment, we believe, if we teach our kids today the importance of road safety, they will grow up immunizing that as an ethos and not just a lesson. There are a number of child safety car seats available in the market, and parents should consider using them based on their child’s age and weight. It is also important for parents to inculcate the habit of buckling up the kids’ as ensuring the use of a seat belt is the best protection one can give their child when travelling in a car.” , he added.

Chevrolet is known for its commitment to customer care which is demonstrated through its leading Chevrolet Compete Care service. However, the ‘Drive with Care’ initiative demonstrates that Chevrolet is committed to caring not just for its customers, but for every road user, by taking real, on-the-ground action to make streets safer for everyone sharing the road.

To take the pledge and to know how you can ensure your child’s safety while driving, visit Chevrolet India’s website and Chevrolet’s official Facebook page A dedicated campaign page on the Chevrolet website has been created, all under one campaign hashtag #ProtectYourPrecious.

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