6th Edition of Maruti Suzuki SUPRA SAEINDIA kicked off

Unique initiative to promote Engineering Skill Development in India

3000 engineering students from 126 teams compete to design a Formula Prototype car

New Delhi, 23rd June, 2017: Maruti Suzuki India Limited, India’s leading passenger car manufacturer and Society of Automotive Engineers India (SAEINDIA) today announced the launch of the 6th edition of SUPRA SAEINDIA 2017. Through SUPRA SAEINDIA, Maruti Suzuki presents an opportunity to aspiring young engineers to conceive, design and fabricate a small Formula car.

This year over 3000 students in 126 teams from engineering colleges all across the country will compete in the event to be held from 26th June to 1st July at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida.

Mr. R S Kalsi, Executive Director – Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India said, “Maruti Suzuki is delighted to be associated with SUPRA SAEINDIA 2017 for the sixth time in a row, showcasing our commitment towards skill development. We want to nurture young minds to believe in themselves and experience the power of teamwork and provide a sustainable talent pipeline for the automobile industry.” 

Mr. C V Raman, Executive Director- Engineering, Maruti Suzuki India and Chairman Supra 2017 OC also shared his views, “I believe SUPRA provides a strong platform for students at a young age to amalgamate their theoretical knowledge with practical real world experience.  It is heartening to see students using their creativity and imagination to conceive, design and build vehicles with the limited resources at their command.”

Dr. R K Malhotra, President, SAEINDIA said, SUPRA has been evolving over the years and last year’s event at BIC has raised the level of the event to international standards. SUPRA 2017promises to be much more exciting with the teams all geared up to put in their best. The students invest a lot of their time, energy and resources to come out with new designs which help them in becoming better engineers. I wish all the participating teams good luck for the event..

Mr. I V Rao, Executive Advisor, Maruti Suzuki India  and Chairman, Engineering Education Board- SAE India said, We have been continuously stressing on the fact that the teams should learn from the problems faced during previous years and come out with new improved designs over the previous year. The failures and the learnings of the past should become the stepping stones for the future. I am happy to know that this year student teams have prepared well in advance and many of them have already conducted trial runs of the cars in their college premises. I expect a much higher level of quality of the cars in this edition of Supra”.

SAE India SUPRA was first introduced in 2011 aiming to provide students, an innovative, hands-on and out-of-classroom education, and a platform to prove their capability in designing a formula prototype car. In this inter-college formula car event students conceive, design and fabricate the prototype based on predefined rules and design standards of SAEInternational. To conform to international guidelines, the prototype goes through strict levels of scrutiny including Technical Inspection (Scrutiny, Tilt Test, Noise and Brake Test), Static Events (Cost, Marketing & Design presentations), Dynamic events (Acceleration, Skid pad, Autocross & Endurance)


SUPRA SAEINDIA 2017 event will see 126 teams from SAEINDIA Collegiate Clubs from engineering colleges all over the country. The students are guided and mentored by industry professionals and faculty advisers who are imparted training and guidance by technical experts from SAEINDIA. The students were given nearly one year time to prepare their prototype. At the upcoming event the car will be judged by a panel of technical scrutineers from Formula Student Germany and professional engineers from the Indian Auto Industry.


SAEINDIA is an engineering and scientific society dedicated to the advancement of mobility industry in India. SAEINDIA is the largest affiliate of SAE International, USA, an organization founded in 1905.  SAE (Previously Society of Automotive Engineers) counts over business executives, educators and students as members from more across 120 countries. SAEINDIA has 60,000+ members.